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Scrubber Machine – The Right Equipment to Clean Dirt

by chemicaldirect

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Scrubber machines dates back to 1860 when the vacuum cleaner was invented. Suction was provided in cleaning equipments in those days however they were not as powerful as today’s machine. Most floor scrubber machines nowadays are powered by electricity and have efficient motors that make it convenient to scrub and clean the floor easily.

There are different kinds of floor scrubbing machines in the market, and they have their own features that make them unique for the cleaning environment. Fold away floor scrubbers, battery operated and electric floor scrubber, ride-on or walk-on machines and robotic floor scrubber machines.

Fold away scrubber machine is usually used in small businesses where the machine can be conveniently stored in the cupboard when not in use. The machine is designed so it can be folded in different places.

Electric floor scrubber is used in places where power sockets are available nearby. Otherwise battery operated machines are used. The battery operated scrubbing machine can run for 4 hours and then needs to be re-charged. Electric scrubbing machine has the power cord attached to it. A battery operated machine is more suitable for harder to reach areas.

Ride-on floor scrubber machine can reduce the cleaning time and effort and convenient for use in spaces with large floor area. Walk-on floor scrubber can be used in homes and other small office spaces.

Robotic floor machines are usually preferable in large cleaning environment. These machines have high specifications and perform effectively without any obstacle. They perform cleaning automatically. Sensors make it convenient to avoid walls, doors and humans, and clean the floor with.

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