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Sponge mops are multifunctional cleaning tools

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Cleaning our place can be quick only if right cleaning tools are used. Places like bathroom corners, kitchen sinks, window panes and many more are a real threat to cleaning gadgets. Only good and efficient tools can successfully complete the task. One of these efficient tools is sponge mops. They are highly versatile in use and are known for efficiently cleaning tough surfaces. It has a smaller head as compared to other bulkier string mops. Small mop head helps in reaching and cleaning small areas. It is also easy to wring out sponge heads than string mops. The user can actually control the dampness of the mop as compared to other string mops. They are perfect for cleaning areas where it requires only damp cleaning and not wet cleaning like wood floors.


It is a multifunctional tool since it can be used both ways dry as well as wet for cleaning. It can be conveniently used to clean walls, ceilings or apply finishes. It is quite light in weight and easy to use hence any member of the family can use this product without any difficulty. It is considered one of the best cleaning tools in the category because it is versatile, inexpensive and can be used in almost every part of the house.


When it comes to cleaning little care needs to be taken while using sponge mops. Correct height or size of the mop should be used. Care should be taken while squeezing or wringing out the water. Since the material is sponge its absorption and extraction qualities are extreme. So the user should wring out water by applying light pressure and decide the suitable water retention level for mopping a particular area. Excessive squeezing can result into dry mop head and more effort for the user. Another important factor is the pressure or force applied on the mop. The user should not apply excess pressure on these mops while mopping as it can leave marks and scars on the floor.


Sponge mops are recommended for cleaning bathroom and kitchen areas. They generally come with self wringing mechanism and replaceable mop heads. They efficiently clean edges and corners of the house. They can be used on multiple floor types like marble, tile and even wood floors easily. After using, it is very important to clean them. Drying under the sun will kill and reduce the bacterial growth inside the sponge. It is an excellent product which helps the user in quickly cleaning and mopping floors with less energy efficiently.


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