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Quality Service by Car Dealers Plays a Larger Role, Analysts

by delsiemaidens

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The fact that it gets harder for car buyers to choose their set of wheels means car makers are getting better in terms of competition. The gap between what’s good and what’s bad is slowly but surely closing up, as car designs get more beautiful every year. Pretty soon, a major shift in the criteria for buying cars will come into play, with the trend putting emphasis on service.

Jim Hall, director of 2953 Analytics, and his team of analysts have detected a pattern: many car buyers are now basing their car choice on customer service and marketing strategy. In other words, it’s no longer just the car that’s the ultimate selling point; the dealer has an increasingly big part in it as well. If the dealer plays his hand right, he can be assured of a customer willing to buy the car he’s endorsing.

Without a good marketing strategy, even a brand’s top-of-the-line car may fall behind in sales. Despite having a good lineup of vehicles, poor service will drive customers away and cause the dealership to suffer the brunt of a sales slump. The car industry knows a thing or two about the greatest car flops in the past 25 years, and lessons must’ve been learned from such failures.

While quality still plays a significant role in buying cars, research firm Polk says perception plays an even bigger part now. The car dealers Oakville patrons trust are leading the shift by offering budget deals and creating a friendly image in the market. Otherwise, they’d run the risk of losing customers to their fierce rivals in the industry.

As the saying goes, the customer is always right. What the client wants, the dealers will do everything in their power to fulfill so that they can seal the deal. Unsurprisingly, quality cars and excellent customer service are what buyers want in car dealerships Oakville locals recommend.

You can find out more on the topic by reading the article at the website at If you want to see evidence of this trend for yourself, visit local car dealers in Oakville and notice how they approach and interact with you, the buyer.

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