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Mac recovery Solution in case of Prohibitory sign

by anonymous

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Sometimes, the Mac OS X based systems behave unevenly, leaving your data in the drive unavailable/inaccessible. Usually, it is difficult to sense the reason behind the problem and hence, initiating an immediate trouble shooting becomes difficult. Such situations compel you to think about any Mac recovery utility to safely recover your data without causing any further damage to the media or data.

The Problem: While starting your Mac OS X based system, a prohibitory sign or a Broken folder icon or kernel panic appeared on the screen. The system failed to boot further and all your data remained inaccessible.

Probable Cause:

There can be a number of possible reasons behind the above issues. However, in general, the primary cause may be either the corruption of the file system or the NVRAM is not working properly and needed to be reset.


Follow the below steps exactly the way it is to resolve the issue:

•    Start with reseting the NVRAM and reselecting the startup volume. This process may change certain system preferences, such as volume, mouse speed settings etc.
•    Then, try restarting the system with the key 'X' pressed. If the system doesn't boot-up to Mac OS X, then check the disk using Disk Utility by going into recovery console.
•    If the system couldn't read the system disk or the Disk utility couldn't find any issue or the Disk utility failed to resolve the issue, it found, then try reinstalling the OS with Archive & Install option, instead of Erase & Install.
•    If Archive & Install failed to resolve the problem, then Erase & Install is the only option left to solve the problem.

However, Erase & Installation process will erase all your data from the drive and you need to restore the data from the updated backup. If valid backup is not available or due to any reason, failed to restore the data, then you can try running any Mac data recovery software to bring back the formatted data.

These Mac recovery software are indeed powerful enough to search for the formatted data in the hard drive and restore them back to their original state. Moreover, their easy to use feature makes you absolutely stress free while using it.

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