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Effective interior designing tips for small bathrooms

by anonymous

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Not all houses are same and depending on the actual space a person can experiment with his creativity in the house. Lack of space is often one of the biggest issues making it difficult for people to implement a good interior design plan for bathrooms. Many expert interior designers have come up with some trendy options to resolve limited space issues. Here are some effective interior designing bathroom tips –


  • Color – Many expert designers believe that changing and experimenting with color palette can give a new dimension to the space. Opt for pastels or neutral colors as they make a small space look larger. You can even add little fun by using two contrast shades of same color with different tone in the room.
  • Space – Remove all the excess and unnecessary things in the bathroom. Small space cannot hold things which you don’t use on daily basis. More is the clutter smaller the bathroom looks. Check everything and keep only important and necessary things on your counter top.
  • Mirrors – Placing a large mirror with appropriate lights will brighten up the entire set up. The reflection of a good mirror and light combination create an illusion of distance and the room will look more spacious. This works especially well if the mirror reflects natural light from a window. Adding a full length mirror is a perfect solution for smaller bath spaces.
  • Bath linen – Always keep a linen basket with a lid to toss all used and soiled clothes, towels and napkins into it. They are available in many colors, sizes and shapes. Choose a large size and keep it in a corner for practical use.
  • Bathroom furniture – There is a huge range of bathroom furniture available in the market. Choose from the trendy and compact styles for your space. It should match the theme or bathroom décor. Avoid using old designs and materials if you’re remodeling your space. Other essential things like bidet, bath tubs and sinks should also be of compact designs to complement the available space.
  • Shower Curtain – It is one of the most important parts of the room. Select the shower curtain with bright colors and small design that will complement the décor completely. A fabric curtain gives a more luxurious appearance and provides depth to the room while plastic curtain adds fun to the theme.


All the above interior designing tips will make your bathroom look trendy and stylish in no time.


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