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Bedbug Treatment Westminster: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

by liyo89

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Usually parents sweetly and light-heartedly bid their children goodnight by saying, “Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.” However, there is nothing sweet or light-hearted about these parasitic creatures. A nightly bite from these bed bugs can send anyone into a scratching frenzy and can cause skin problems and infections. Therefore, if you are in Westminster, a visit from any reliable pest control companies Westminster is necessary in cases of bed bug infestations at home.



Bed bugs are the tiny, somewhat flattened, brownish insects that feed on the blood of animals. The common bed bug usually feeds on human blood but it can also feed on the blood of other warm-blooded animals, such as birds, cats, dogs, and rodents. These insects can be found in cracks or crevices. For example, bed bugs can be seen at home in the crevices of sofas, in between mattress seams, in furniture, and even squeezed into small spaces such as inside baseboards and picture frames.

Sometimes, bed bugs can also be found in hotel rooms where they could go from bed to furniture or even from one luggage to another luggage. In serious cases of bed bugs in hotel rooms, hotels always call in pest control companies Westminsterto eliminate these insects and to give the hotel an overall bed bug treatment.

Unfortunately, merely keeping your house clean is not enough to prevent bed bug infestation, although bed bugs are easier to find in a clean house, because these shrewd creatures can invade even the cleanest of homes or the pristine hotels. The secret to dealing with bed bugs is catching them early on before they have time to bite, to hide, and to spawn. Being a forward-thinker is an important part of bedbug treatment Westminster.



A regular thorough inspection of the house is part of proactive bed bug treatment. Look for signs of bed bug infestations on furniture, sofas, and beds especially on the corners, sofa seams, sofa cover, bed sheets, bed skirts, mattress seams, and bed frames. These signs include flat, brown insects holding on to a surface and tiny rust-colored spots.



Linen and bedclothes should be washed using very hot water, the hottest that could be used on the fabric without damaging it. Moreover, bed bugs could also be killed by placing linen, bedclothes, bags, clothes, and toys could be dried in a dryer at medium-to-high heat for ten to twenty minutes. Furniture, sofas, and beds can also be subjected to heat treatments or should be placed under the sun for several hours to kill the insects. Furniture, sofas, and beds should also be covered up using encasements so that bed bugs could be seen easily.



Pesticides are also part of bedbug treatment Westminster. However, you should ask the assistance of any of the reliable pest control companies Westminster to know what kind of pesticide to use and to know how the pesticide should be used.



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