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A Good Way to Promote a Healthy Immune System

by mackshepperson

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When feeling under the weather, many turn to comfort food like a bowl of chicken soup to make them feel better. That’s because chicken soup warms the stomach and promotes appetite while providing numerous nutritious substances. Unfortunately, a big steaming bowl of chicken soup simply won’t do for strict vegetarians or vegans.
While there are many nutritional supplements that claim to do wonders for your immune system, some of these products are also animal-based. If you happen to be vegetarian and want to enjoy the benefits of nutritional supplements, you could turn to medicinal mushrooms. Traditional Chinese medicine has used mushrooms for medicinal purposes for thousands of years; and continues to do so to this day.
Although many people continue to be skeptical about the use of mushrooms for their health and nutritional value, many others have attested to their benefits and effectiveness. To maximize the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms, it’s advisable to take them as hot water extracts. Independent scientific studies on medicinal mushrooms are conducted on these extracts.
Many mushrooms contain immune supporting polysaccharides* within the cell walls of the fruiting fungus. These cell walls, however, are indigestible, and will not readily yield the nutrients contained within unless broken down through hot water extraction. In fact, even soft mushrooms need to be prepared as a hot water extract for maximum benefit. One of the most commonly used mushrooms for immune support is coriolus versicolor.*
Coriolus versicolor is also referred to as “turkey tail” due to its outward resemblance to—what else?—a turkey’s tail. The mushroom’s scientific name is Trametes versicolor , and is also referred to in Chinese as Yun zhi or Japanese as Kawaratake. This type of mushroom is quite common in North American forests; and is believed to help in immune support, thereby promoting good health.*
Many online products and health food stores carry coriolus versicolor because of its many reported benefits. Some reports suggest that its extracts can be taken without fear of negative side effects. Mushroom extracts are reportedly among the few non-animal based supplements that can be safely used for extended periods. There are several other researches that show additional benefits of coriolus versicolor and other medicinal mushrooms. Check them out and decide if these products are right for you.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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