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Travertine tiles: an ancient stone for a modern home

by liyo89

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Travertine tiles are formed as a type of Limestone, often around a source of mineral springs. Travertine has been used since Roman times and the Colonnade of St Peters Square in Rome was built using travertine. St. Peters Bassilica, one of Michaelangelos’ finest architectural creations is part constructed using travertine. With travertine’s credentials firmly established, today you can choose from a fine selection of travertine tileswhen looking for the right stone for your home or commercial space.


Travertine tiles deliver a wonderful statement in terms of colour and style, while remaining a truly organic and natural product. Few stones offer the variety of colour found in naturally occurring travertine. So if you are looking to compliment a colour scheme, travertine may be the answer you have been looking for.


Searching online, you will find many e-tailers delivering a wide selection of stone tiles for you to buy. So how do you find the right travertine stone tiles for your project. Simple! Follow these simple steps and you will have covered the major questions that you need to answer before you are ready to make a purchase.


Are you tiling a large or small room or space? If you are tiling a large space, using a large format tile is always recommended. Travertine tiles can be cut into small shapes to create lovely mosaics, first seen in Roman times. Larger format tiles, also referred to as flagstone tiles are laid in simpler patterns called courses.


Do you have a specific colour scheme that you are complimenting, or is the stone flooring going to provide the colour inspiration? If you are looking to compliment an existing colour scheme, then careful consideration of the stone is required. Online retailers are often happy to send out stone samples, so get online and request some samples today! You don’t want to make any decision based on a photo on a website.


Are you looking for a contemporary tile or a traditional tile? travertine tilescome in both styles, so take a moment to consider how the tile will sit within your home.


Natural stone flooring offers a versatile solution when you are looking to enhance your home or commercial space. Take some time to consider the important questions on size and colour and enjoy your flooring for years to come.

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