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Improving Customer Experience and Satisfaction

by juliolenser

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Every day, businesses and enterprises the world over get lots of interactions from hundreds of paying customers. These exchanges present in forms as diverse as the various communication techniques. Maybe they are emails informing the company of a billing oversight, or faxes requesting lists of franchise outlets in a city. They could even be telephone calls from account holders trying to place brand-new orders. Adding to this already staggering volume, companies also need to manage communications from the general public that include straightforward inquiries and product responses.

How, then, do businesses monitor their hugely varied multitude of consumers and ensure their satisfaction simultaneously? The solution is through customer relationship management (CRM). defines CRM as "an information industry term for methods, software application, and typically Internet capabilities that help a business handle customer relationships in a coordinated and efficient way." More often than not, those aforementioned purposes usually tend to be consolidated in softwareprograms. Here how one of them works:

Mark, a customer service agent, receives a telephone call. Instead of picking up the phone, he has only to click the Answer button on his CRM interface. The call is from Jack who'd like to put a new order. Mark requests Jack's delivery address and inputs it into CRM. It's not long before the program hands him a matching account number. With this validated, Mark is able to help Jack place his order.

Afterwards, Jack tells Mark that he would like to follow up on a credit disagreement he lodged a month ago. With a couple of clicks, Mark is able to access Jack's account history. It turns out that the $50 he contested had already been credited back to him; he just hadn't been called back yet by the credit manager. All Jack has to do is wait. Jack thanks Mark a lot and ends the conversation. Not only did Jack leave happy, CRM vendors will be proud to tell you this whole discourse took less than two minutes.

Do you see the benefits of CRM? It made Mark's job much simpler by showing him everything he needed to know with very little effort. Because of that he worked effectively, and so customer satisfaction was attained. It's no wonder then that CRM vendors and their software are in demand among businesses out to keep old clients and make new ones.

Are you looking to improve the way you manage your company and give your clients a more gratifying experience? Whether you're a big business or a small business CRM software application may be the right choice for you. Go to for more information. Remember: a delighted customer is a repeat client.

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