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Selling On Your Own Is What We Call For Sale By Owner

by jsshawn1

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There are still people who are not quite aware of a term what we call “For Sale By Owner”. As the economic conditions have not improved and in fact got worsened, people entangled in this are forced to sell their home. Buying a home might look a bit easy as compared to selling a home. People sell their home when they are in need of the money and selling a home with much savings is the main aim. Many such home owners get trapped by traditional real estate agents who really don’t want the home owners to benefit from what the others are doing. These agents only eye the sales commissions which may be around 6-7 % of the sale price. This is where other home owners who have utilized services of discount realtors must have benefitted at large.

The process is not complicated one. It is much easier to get involved in a home sale process these days as compare to what was done years ago. These days we have new technology and internet used as the best medium to let buyers and sellers meet in fraction of seconds. MLS Listing database is one such platform where buyers and sellers agents have the full access to. Discount realtor is the one who will guide a home owner in all possible manners to list on MLS and sell the property as for sale by owner. Selling as for sale by owner has been made quite easy and comfortable by discount realtors who take all the pain and efforts to make the FSBO listing a successful one.

If you are a home owner you need to understand various factors that differentiate you as a For Sale By Owner and those who use that same old traditional ways.

- It’s an internet age and when you sell your home as For Sale By owner you use the online technology that we all know as MLS. As compare to this traditional agents use printing media to much extent to reach buyers for your home.

- When your home is list on MLS by a discount realtor, at the same moment buyer’s agent might be looking at your home listing while searching for the same home for their buyers. While those using the traditional way of selling might have to wait for days or weeks or months for a buyer to look at the advertisement.

- When you do MLS listing as for sale by owner you pay very nominal listing fees for your home. As compare to this when you sell using traditional ways cost of advertisements runs into thousands of dollars which might eat up your profit from home selling.

- Selling as FSBO entitles you to pay small percentage of your sale price to the agent you hire. But in traditional way a home owner ends up paying 6-7 % of sales price which is very huge in this weak economic period.

These few comparative points might help you in making a right decision as a home owner and understand what selling as For Sale By Owner can benefit you.For more info visit

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