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Improve Your Core Agility on the Ski Slope With These 3 Skii

by liyo89

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As you go about your skiing training, putting together some skiingworkouts tends to be a great way to boost your performance and help yourself stay injury free. Skiing is an activity that can be quite demanding on the body and put you at risk for a number of injuries, so it is something that you do want to make sure you give some consideration to.


Skiing workouts won’t take all that much time to perform, but can have a massive influence on your skill level. One particular thing that you need to be extra sure that you’re addressing in any skiing workouts is your core strength.


Making sure that you’re doing exercises regularly that boost core strength will be vital to staying injury free and making sure that you stay stable on your feet.


Let’s have a quick look into some of the best moves to perform that will improve your core agility.


Lying Leg Raise With A Twist

The first exercise to perform in your skiing workouts is a lying leg raise with a twist. This movement is great for targeting the obliques as well as the upper and lower abs and will help you gain muscular endurance as well.


When performing it, lift the legs straight up to ninety degrees and then shift them to one side as far as you can go down while keeping the movement pattern controllable. Once they’re lowered, reverse directions and repeat again to the other side.


Pike On A Ball

The second exercise to do is a pike on a ball. This is another one that’s great for improving agility since you’re using the exercise ball and will also enhance shoulder strength as well. When doing it, place the feet up on the exercise ball, the hands on the floor beneath you and then contract the abs to form a inverted V.

Hold for a brief second and then stretch out into the full position again. Pause and then repeat five to eight more times.

Reverse Crunch

Finally, the reverse crunch is great for firming up and the lower abs and helping ensure that you can maintain constant tension throughout the core while you’re skiing. To perform this, lie flat on the floor with the legs bent and then pull the legs into the chest as hard as you can. Pause there and then reverse the movement pattern to complete the rep.


Perform 10-12 and then rest and repeat a second time through.


So consider adding these to your skiing workouts away from the slopes and you will notice core strengthening benefits and help to reduce the chances that you become sidelined with an injury.


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