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Feel Albany City's Rich History and Society

by daphnemichaels

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Situated in the Dougherty County, southwest of Georgia, is the city of Albany. The place was once named as Thronateeska by its former citizens, the Creek Indians. The previous name means “flint” stone, derived from the Flint River. The city is now one of the most famous minority-majority areas in United States today. This suggests that a "minority" racial group, here the black or African American people, has a bigger population than white people, who form the majority of the population in most of the United States.

Albany’s high population of Black Americans is credited to its being a main producer of cotton. In 1840, Dougherty County came to be extremely established, usually because of Albany's cotton plantations. These plantations had a big population of African slaves who chose cotton. By the time that slavery was eradicated, these African Americans remained in Albany and outranked all other ethnic groups in number.

Nevertheless, in spite of their numbers, the black population of Georgia was dramatically mistreated for generations. Many of them were victims of lynching, and males and females were obliged to carry weapons to defend themselves from the Ku Klux Klan. In the 1960s, the first mass protests were started, giving birth to the Civil Rights Movement. This began as the Albany Movement, which is now honored in the Albany Civil Rights Institute.

The Albany Civil Rights Institute honors the long struggle of African Americans in the name of equality and liberty. Their efforts have broken the ice for endorsing harmonious connections between the various American ethnic groups, where they can all recognize one another as sisters and brothers. It features lots of Albany GA events like concerts acknowledging the power of songs in the Civil Rights Movement.

There are a lot of additional things to do in Albany GA specifically if you like the arts. For example, the Albany Museum of Art has a lot of galleries and displays that consist of American, African, and European art collections. The Albany Museum of Art also exhibits collections from contributing visual artists and musicians from around the nation and worldwide.

The Ray Charles Plaza, found in the Riverfront Park, is among the most famous Albany GA attractions. It acknowledges Ray Charles, the blind African American musical artist promoted as the pioneer of soul music. Ray Charles was born in Albany and acknowledges his home state in the track "Georgia on My Mind." To learn more info, visit


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