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Compare floating point values using floating-point

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Floating-Point Data Type:


A floating-point is a representation of real numbers that can support wide range of values. PHP uses IEEE 754 double precision format. Floating-point numbers have limited precision. Floating–point has decimal values and fractional part.


A floating-point numbers is also known as double, float or real numbers. The size of floating value depends upon the platform we use and also a maximum of ~1.8e308 with a precision of roughly 14 decimal digits is a common value


Representation of Float numbers:


We can represent Float numbers as a decimal value or in scientific notation. PHP is a loosely typed language so there is no need to define the data type of a variable. When we assign a value to a variable, so on the basis of value variable data type is confirmed.


For Example:


$a = 1.234;

$b = 1.2e3;

$c = 7E-10;


Comparison of two floating values in PHP:


Check whether the variable that holds floating point value is greater or less than the other variable that also holds the floating point value.







// declear and Intialize varialble with flaoting values



//compare both numbers



            echo "var 1 is greater"; // print string




            echo "var 2 is greater";           //print string





Comparison through a function:


To check whether the floating point value is greater or less than the other floating point values in php we make a function check_limit(). This function takes two floating point values as a parameter and returns 0 if greater and 1 for less.







$cost = 1.22;

$limit = 1.00;

function check_limit($total_cost, $credit_limit) {

     if ($total_cost > $credit_limit) :

          return 0;


     return 1;


if (check_limit($cost, $limit)):

    print "OK";

else :

    print "Balance less than $".$limit."!";




Above is the simple code to compare two floating variables in PHP.


This simple article tells that how we can compare floating point variable in PHP.



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