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Wordpress Vs Blogger / Which is Better?

by anonymous

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WordPress wins!If you prefer design over SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then WordPress gets good points.

WordPress proffer a lot of immense themes and much more than Blogger.

 Blogger bid a couple of free template.

Have view of all free templates Blogger offers to its users:

And on other side:

WordPress have exhibit only 187 themes to me while a most likely thousand of themes available to other users.

SEO :Blogger (Blogspot) come first

 it’s owned by Google.

 It’s a fact that Google gives extra concentration to blogs hosted at

 blogspot blogs are ranking with good quality and highly opposing keywords.

 Widgets :

 WordPress and Blogger are equivalent.

 They are rather same when widget comes to widgets and accessories.


  Blogger offer more notice to connectivity and making relatives with readers. they have in-build widgets for Google plus, Google followers and such social network sites.Customization:Both are in customization, physical restriction of code, HTML and CSS editing and adjustment. on the other hand, Blogger offers more wheel to fiddle with and tune blog’s design, look and columns.Blogger also propose outline control with sort the basics, move them around and settle on location of each building block.

 WordPress don’t have such option and they rely on user’s manual editing of code.Blogger offers some sort of pre-made report of your blog set for your mobile visitors so it’s in truth enormous if you are setting up to support your blog to mobile users.Blogger is a way more accepted than WordPress. Most citizens previously heard about blogspot domain so if you are objective audience with low facts about technology, then you might choose Blogger.

 The bottom line:Both blogging platforms are very good quality. 

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