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Holidays in India – A Lifetime Experience

by anonymous

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Holidays are fun anywhere in the world but when you’re holidaying in India, you can double the fun quotient, actually you can triple, quadruple or just multiple it to the power of ‘n’. That’s as much fun
that’s in store for you once you get to this amazing country of mysteries, contrasts, surprises and thrills. Of course, everything that one reads or hears about India before visiting can never do justice to what one experiences when you first get out of any airport. Airports of choice for first time visitors are New Delhi, India’s capital; Goa and one of the airports in Kerala, aptly titled God’s own Country.

So if Delhi is your airport of choice, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. In addition to being a state-of-the-art airport, it’s an extremely user-friendly one unlike some international airports. Also
given that a first-time traveler’s impression about a developing country is not too flattering, Delhi airport does set the tone for a holiday where one is assured of great hospitality and warmth. As the capital city Delhi is indeed the heart and soul of the country and one can feel it in the way people greet and treat you. The generosity of its people is rather overwhelming and top that with the magnificence of its historical sites and the splendor of its ramparts and ruins and you’re
all set for an extremely memorable holiday. Places to see in Delhi include the Red Fort, the Qutub Minar, the Old City and Jantar Mantar. Agra, the city that plays host to the Taj Mahal is a two hour drive from Delhi.

If you’re getting off at Goa, you’ll experience the mood of festivity and frolic even as you land. While Goa is known for almost compelling people to let their hair down, its pristine beaches, welcoming resorts and fairly well-organized water sports options make it a great holiday destination for families. Goa has its share of historical ramparts and churches that date back centuries. All the monuments are well-preserved can make for must-sees. What’s liberating about a Goa holiday is the fact that you can hire a two-wheeler and set the pace and path of your holiday.

The airports at Kerala may be a little disappointing. However, once you step out the first thing that your eyes are treated too is this amazingly serene greenery. This, courtesy the dense and healthy coconut and palm plantations that dominate its landscape. Given that such greenery is part of city-life
and not a national park or jungle is a sign of how seriously Kerala takes nature and is one with it. Of course, even a business trip to Kerala is incomplete without getting yourself a massage. In fact,
relaxing to a therapeutic massage while cruising along some meandering waterways is one great holiday idea that can come to life only in Kerala.

While holidays in India have so much more to offer, scratching the surface with anyone of the options mentioned here should whet one’s appetite for some rejuvenating and adventuresome fun.

Ariza Roshan is an expert author who writes on Indian travel and tourism topics, here she loves to
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