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Kitchen Makeovers: Common Boo-Boos You Should Avoid

by chaseconely

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People impose their personal tastes when customizing their homes, especially when it comes to their kitchens. Standard kitchen templates may be practical, but well-thought out strike a balance between homeowners’ practical and aesthetic considerations. Still, there are as many design errors as there are kitchens in the world.

A proper kitchen makeover results in a kitchen that is highly functional, versatile, and stylish. There’s no use for a lavish kitchen if you cannot move around freely due to space restrictions. At the same time, a spacious kitchen without sufficient storage may soon become disorganized. Steer clear of the following kitchen redesign boo-boos.

The old kitchen triangle

The tried-and-true kitchen work triangle concept may have worked for a lot of homeowners but may not be feasible for some kitchens. For instance, it may prove unwieldy in a kitchen that’s 25 feet by 40 feet large. For that matter, why dedicate a large workspace for your kitchen when you can use it for additional functions?

A one-man kitchen

Even if only one person in your household does most of the cooking, it doesn’t make sense to design a one-man kitchen. There’s a good chance that other people, even guests, will want to use it; you might even find yourself in a pickle if your kitchen could only fit one user at a time. Aim for a family-friendly kitchen design.

Stingy storage options

You can get a bigger stove and oven, more kitchen appliances, and fancy gadgets, but you should never leave out storage space. After all, appliances and food items stacked on the counter don’t make a pretty sight. Instead, plan where you could store them. The type of kitchen design NH homes need should have ample provisions for cabinets and partitions. For instance, if you’ve got a small kitchen floor area, you could opt for a multilevel cupboard.

Let go of the old

You can only hang on for so long before you have to get rid of that old stove. The kind of kitchen design Massachusetts residents want makes it necessary to take out the old and make way for the new. With kitchen appliances these days made increasingly versatile and efficient, you might want to consider replacing old, electricity-guzzling gadgets for energy-efficient models.

These are just some of the dos and don’ts for remodeling a dream kitchen. For more information, visit Also, don’t hesitate to ask your trusted kitchen designer about the different factors essential to your kitchen makeover.

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