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Stainless steel farmhouse sinks – The key to remodeling your

by Johnmarriso

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If you are thinking of remodeling your entire kitchen aiming to achieve a chic modern look, take a breather and consider if changing the sink may be all that you need to do. After all, the sink is a kitchen’s focal point. Think of replacing your sink with one of those evergreen classical farmhouse sinks; as their name suggests these sinks will infuse your kitchen with the vintage look of country house kitchens.

Also known as apron sinks, these vessels are a true testament of durability and functionality, a very good reason why they have never gone out of fashion. If you are concerned about the high price tags of fireclay and granite farmhouse kitchen sinks then you will be encouraged by the fact that you can now find plenty of affordable farmhouse-styled stainless steel sinks.

Call them the contemporary apron sinks or whatever you may, stainless steel farmhouse sinks are currently all the rage with regards to their qualities of strength, lightness, affordability and corrosion-resistance. They are in every way similar to the original apron kitchen sink design which is usually larger and deeper than other types of sinks i.e. the undermount and topmount varieties. They also feature the farmhouse sink trademark, the apron, and which is the front part that projects out of the counter side. These stainless steelsinks are the perfect choice for transforming your kitchen into a sophisticated yet functional area. They are also easy to clean and they do not harbor dirt as washing water and grime cannot seep beneath them. The cleaning and maintenance tasks required for these sinks are thus going to be quite mild.

The market has two designs of the stainless steel apron sinks with regards to the apron i.e. the curved and flat front. There are several styles and sizes of the stainless steel farmhouse sinks, with the best being those handcrafted from gauge 16 heavy-duty stainless steel. You can have the sinks as a single or double well; the double well is divided into ratios of 60 to 40 and they make washing and rinsing processes a whole lot easier. Most apron sinks are available in sizes ranging from 30 inches to 36 inches which is the largest. Apron-designed stainless steel sinks have their wells in two main designs, the zero and the one inch radius corner styles.

To increase their practicality and to improve their contemporary flair these farmhouse sinks are made available having being fused with modern faucets and fixtures. Some of the fixtures for these stainless steel sinks include sprayer faucets, soap dispensers, basket disposal flanges, basket strainers, basket strainers with lift-out baskets, and faucet deck plate escutcheons.


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