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Rainy Day Means a Boring Day

by richards446

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, we find it very boring. This only really makes sense if you sing it along to the tune, and even then we fear we might get charged for copyright when you have to pay someone if you use their song. It’s like the one that sounds like Snappy Hirthday. We only do it this way because even using the title, we’re not entirely sure of the rules. But anyway, back to the point. It’s raining outside, and it has been for quite a while. Although we are more than used to it, this IS London for goodness sake, it still never fails in depressing us to an extent that we just want to curl up on the corner sofa, that we can’t afford, and watch films with a glass of wine. We like a nice Chardonnay, but there are some that prefer red. But if your new sofa is cream, then it might be safer to stick with a white wine. Even better to go with a gin and tonic. Or even a vodka and lemonade. If you’re inviting an escort in the UK over to look at your new sofa, we don’t think drinks are probably that important. Either or, we have no desire to go outside when the weather is like this.


But when the outdoors is so boring and lame, that’s right, we said lame, it seems that we don’t have enough ideas for games inside. After a quick Google, other search engines are absolutely available, we found a list of 72 things to do indoors. We were so excited, you have no idea. Until we read the list. Whilst some may already have an idea with what to do of a rainy afternoon, no doubt there will be some that just get so confused with the lack of options presented to them. But we feel there should be some point to them. For the esteemed gentlemen who find themselves bored, they can always indulge in some time with the UK escorts available. Whilst it’s not at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it certainly is something fun to do indoors. When you’re working long hours, all week, it can be nice to have someone take care of you, which is exactly what escorts in the UK do.


Perhaps you could even try out some of the things on the aforementioned list, with them. These include rearranging your furniture, though we’re sure they’re not that into heavy lifting. Some of the suggestions literally have us lost for words, we don’t think we’d do any of these things, even if we were told it would be the last time we could ever do it. That’s because we probably haven’t ever done them before. We’ll elaborate. Reading a joke book. We believe in spontaneous comedy. A joke there, a limerick here, a satirical anecdote about the current world leaders. But to have them shouted at us, one after the other. The same can be said for spending time with a UK escort. It’s nice to treat yourself once in a while; when you do something every day, it has a habit of being ruined.


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The city provides great inspiration for writing about the wonderful and the fabulous for writer Brian Richards, who has a BA in Journalism. He is a regular contributor of articles like Rainy Day Means a Boring Day. Find more information on Companionship of a Gatwick Airport beauty here.

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