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Be Your Own Boss as a Franchised Cost Containment Officer

by melvinclifton

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Everyone dreams of becoming his own boss. This is true for people who have bosses with a penchant for screaming – the daily barrage of such coupled with cold, unappreciative nature can make you rethink your fate as an employee. In these cases, your salvation may lie in starting your own business.

It’s easier said than done. Starting your own business from scratch can be real heady because of substantial capital and brainstorming involved. Indeed, these and other considerations can literally drive a person to insomnia. But don’t wear the frowning face yet, as it is still possible to be your own boss – and that’s through buying a franchise!

The economic slowdown has caused average Joe to buy less, and businesses, acutely aware of sale decline, are seeking ways to slash down their expenditures. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the right professional to handle cost reduction concerns. As such, a lot of companies are now in desperate need of a cost reduction officer.

Now that’s where you can come in—as a cost reduction consultant! Because it’s a rather uncommon job with a highly specialized kind of work, you don’t get to hear about it much. But it does exist. In fact, there are many cost reduction companies around the world; it’s only that they are out of earshot. By buying a franchise from a cost reduction company, you become a Chief Cost Containment Officer of that company.

However, since you bought the position as a franchise, you aren’t actually directly employed by them. Rather, by buying expense reduction analysts franchise, you remain as your own boss with your own business. The main difference here is that in case you encounter problems, the mother company is there to support you; essentially, you will be working under the shadow of the brand, but will be given wide autonomy to conduct your business.

In this kind of work, it’s important to remember you’ll be following a business model; as such, an expense reduction franchise will entail extensive training on your part, for you will be following the mother company’s lead. The scenario is similar to a production line where the mother company provides you with various types of support like cost reduction software and marketing tools.

Buying a cost franchise position can be an exciting venture, as you’ll finally be able to be your own man, albeit with a mother company hovering over your shoulder. Still, that’s better than a screaming boss. Just remember in this arrangement, you just have to always follow the leader – and you won’t get lost. Learn more about this topic on

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