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A Blog About Community Entrepreneurship and Locavesting

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“Locavesting” is a term and book title coined by economics and business writer Amy Cortese. It is the combination of “local” and “investing” and is inspired by “locavore” which describes someone whose preference is to eat food grown, raised, or caught within 100 miles and may include carnivores, omnivores and vegetarians - as long as it is local. The thinking is that just as food is considered healthier if it hasn’t travelled too far, investing in what and who you know if also healthier. Cortese’s book is a great analysis of the whys and hows. It is also full of inspiring stories.

There is a whole movement that is developing and using tools to invest in our communities reversing a 30-40 year trend where we have been putting all our savings and retirement funds in Wall Street. This is both a push away from Wall Street, and a pull or rediscovery and appreciation of community focused businesses and local start-ups that are responding to local needs or bringing local wisdom to solving larger societal needs giving people an opportunity to make a difference.

In Hawaii, we are coming to terms with our dependency on both imported energy and food - over 90% in each case have been imported. We are starting to make some great progress in switching to local renewable sources using solar and wind resources which are plentiful here. A renaissance in bringing back locally grown food and value added products is also starting. All this is leveraging our very healthy visitor industry with people on vacation being more open to trying new things and appreciating the preciousness of Hawaii’s environment.

CoolProjectsMaui is both telling these stories as they happen and providing behind the scenes insights on the tools that people are using in their ventures or projects. Just as we are inspired by the stories we see and hear over the Internet, in the media, and when we travel; we believe that others will benefit from our stories and maybe end up as customers, suppliers, or locavestors.

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