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White Hat and Black Hat Techniques for SEO

by anonymous

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There are so many ways in SEO by which you can increase traffic of visitors to your site. Some of these techniques are good and proper. They might seem slow in the start but shall give a long term benefit. But alternatively there are some techniques that are bad and unfair. These techniques might give you sudden spurt in traffic but harms the business as visitors might understand the trick in luring them. There are two new words added in SEO terminology to describe these both types of techniques. White Hat Technique is used for honest techniques while Black Hat Technique is used for improper techniques. There is no dearth of techniques that fall under both heads. In this article, we shall discuss highest used white hat and black hat techniques.

White Hat Techniques: As discussed earlier, these are techniques which use all the fairways and produce long term results.

Quality Content: No other thing can help your page more than having a good content. This is the one trait that can push everything behind. All the search engines have to retain client loyalty and hence give preference to good content so that they have satisfied clients.

Suitable Titles: Providing correct data titles for the matter on the webpage is essential. This way you can guide readers on the correct place. This parameter works very effectively in getting higher rankings on search engines.

Using proper Keywords: Knowing what are the words surfers use to get to your product and using them sporadically on the webpage helps in getting good rankings. Keywords provide much needed direction to surfers and matching the pages to their needs.

Black Hat Techniques: They can be called short cuts to get traffic on to your page. All though they might not help in the long term but can give an immediate push to your site.

Using unrelated leading links: By using keywords that are most used by net users on your webpage you can get good inflow of clients. Now, if those keywords are not relevant to your product, you can put links on that page and divert clients to your main page. This way you get good flow on your site even though your product is not related to most searches. Many visitors will read your site and can buy your product. This way might not get you regular buyers but definitely gets you a start.

Copied content: Many people feel in this big online world you can copy from some site and the same will not be tracked. But this is not a good idea as many search engines might ban you for using the same.

Wrong advertising: Marketers tend to put their banners on unrelated sites in order to drive a higher traffic. This way spending increases but does not give good prospects.

With knowledge of all these techniques and their impact, you can design a great webpage and good seo campaign for promoting your business.

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