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I Heart Italian Women

by anonymous

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The Italian Republic, though you most likely know it more commonly as Italy, is a country found in south-central Europe. Bordering Switzerland, France, Slovenia and Austria, it is an incredibly popular country. Made up of the country viewed from space as a boot, and many smaller islands around it, Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world. The culture, the history and the exotic accent are just some of the reasons why the women from this place are so sought after by certain gentlemen. Home to over sixty million people, you can be confident of finding a particular companion that will suit your wants and needs absolutely perfectly. Of course, in this current economic climate it seems that flying several thousand miles would be a bit of a waste of money, so instead we are simply suggesting you spend time with one of the girls who are currently in the city. It should only cost you an oyster journey. Even if you’re facing unavoidable delays on the underground, the promise of an Italian escort at the end of it will surely keep you focused and on task. That’s quite an incentive, if you ask us.

The home of lasagna, pizza and Sophia Loren, the country of Italy is popular with tourists for a number of reasons. If they’re a lover of food or spectacularly beautiful women, everyone would happily list the country as a must visit destination before they bid their adieus to the world. Steeped in history, the country would still be spectacularly popular because of the current day pulls it has over the world. One of these is in fact the wonderful women that reside in our very own city. It seems that without them we would have a boring metropolis; they seem to just bring some sort of unfamiliar ways of living to the capital, helping make it one of the most multicultural places to be in. With their love for life, always seeing the brighter side of things and just being drop-dead gorgeous to behold, the Italian escorts that have infiltrated our capital are being so appreciated by their clients, we must remember to thank them.

Italian men are often nicknamed Italian Stallions. We think this a bit cheesy and cliche-led, so we instead choose to concentrate on the women who come from this particular part of the world. Not over-exposed to the sun, they have the most perfect tans and enviable figures that are further accentuated with locks that look like they have been christened by the gods. We understand that not every gentleman will judge a woman on her hair alone, but it’s perfect if you end up in the company of a companion that encompasses everything that makes a woman beautiful.

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