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Four Metrics to Effectively Evaluate Calls to Your Business

by soniaroody

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Has your business grown so much that many customers call but you are unable to accommodate them all? You can invest in acquiring more resources and personnel, but all that can take time and your customers may end up frustrated with the way you do your business. If you find yourself in this situation, then you can consider the services of a call center.

A call center has the people and resources to take calls anytime for various businesses. If this is your first time to work with a call center, you may be wondering how exactly to measure and evaluate your customers’ calls. To give you some ideas on how these are done, consider these four metrics call centers use to evaluate the customer calls of their clients.

Schedule adherence

As a popular saying goes, 90 percent of success is just showing up. Schedule adherence includes not just people who report for work on time, but take their scheduled breaks on time as well. Your call center should track their agents’ attendance and schedule their breaks where agents can fill in for one another. This indicates how they’re maximized to take calls.

Average handling time

Average handling time or AHT is the average amount of time it takes to answer and complete calls. Call centers rate the average handling time using the length of calls over a period. Some don’t give much importance on this, and others depend on how much a call center charges per call. The call center you choose should also track how long each agent handles calls and to make sure these are efficiently kept down.

Abandonment rate

Abandonment rate is how many calls get dropped within a time frame. Some calls get dropped due to technical problems, while others hang up after being on hold too long. Call centers can document how many calls are dropped and see if more agents are needed, or if there are other issues that cause these.

Customer satisfaction

Companies like American Express and Zappos have expressed that tracking customer satisfaction helps them see how they’re doing to help them address their customers’ needs for their satisfaction. Call centers can gather customers’ common experiences and feedback to create a list that will show their stance on the business. You can use this same information to assess your whole business.

Remember, make a short list of all the call centers you want to consider and use the metrics that adapt to the nature of your business. These four metrics can help you start and can help you measure how your business fares among your customers. Read more about call center metrics at and

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