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Stevia – A ‘Sweet’ Beauty Enriching Ingredient!

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Everyone who knows Stevia knows it for its amazing non hazardous sweetness which can be adapted in almost all the F&B industries, pharmaceutical industries as well as in our daily lives. This characteristic of Stevia rather over shadows its other benefits and therefore, very little is known about its other mystical abilities.

Stevia is a fantastic ingredient for skin and hair care products! It is proved to be about 3 times better moisturizing & hydrating compared to Glycerin. As a matter of fact, for centuries, stevia has been used by the tribal natives of Paraguay (the Gurani Indians) as an antiseptic and for treatments of various skin related ailments. This multifaceted herb carries some age old secrets that can revolutionize the Beauty – skin and hair care product industry. Stevia has antioxidant properties and enables smooth out fine line and wrinkles with regular use of it. Anti aging and Anti wrinkle creams and therapies are the fastest growing verticals of the beauty product industry. With the current age fast moving lifestyle, people are always on the lookout for products that would work and heal keeping their pace of life style. Various new age products have been formulized, developed and are available in the market. We fall for their bait either due to our mere faith in the Company promoting the products OR by getting hypnotized by their ever – so – effective constant hammering publicity OR maybe out of no choice but to try…in this whole ruckus, we forget the ‘absolute and guaranteed’ efficacy that nature provides in form of herbs and natural medicines. As a matter of fact, nature has everything ‘thought about’ and in store for us. One if this is the miracle herb – Stevia.

Stevia raw leaf powder when used in form of a face pack results in visible difference in terms of tightening the skin of the face, reducing fine lines and also reducing scars and pigmentation. It should be blended with Aloe Vera gel and rose water or milk to form a paste and then kept applied over the face for about 20 minutes. Stevia also shows very positive results in reducing pigmentation. Being anti bacterial, stevia is highly effective in healing skin blemishes and acne and also it acts as a highly effective ingredient for anti dandruff shampoo & hair conditioners. As discussed above, being a good moisturizer, it also nourishes the scalp if used in hair care products.

Stevia being medicinal in nature, it also acts as a natural preservative. With further research, it may be highly possible to make products with stevia without having to add any further preservatives.

This article may sound too good to be true but, all these facts are indeed the facts.

Dilip Joshi is the founder of He has about 4 years of experience in research & development in stevia plant and its uses in food, health and beauty. Follow him on Facebook @steviaindia and Twitter@steviainfos for Wonder herb stevia plant and stevia information


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