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Five Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Personalize Your Kitchen

by liyo89

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If you’re planning a kitchen remodel or building a new home, the latest trends in kitchen cabinet design offer increased options for personalizing your kitchen compared to yesterday’s kitchen cabinets’ traditional role as mere storage units. Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are manufactured with new designs and configurations allowing you to choose how to utilize storage space while enhancing your kitchen’s décor to your artistic preference. Today’s wholesale kitchen cabinets offer more than functionality; kitchen cabinet arrangement is as important to your kitchen’s design as selecting a wallpaper or paint color.


Kitchen Cabinet Arrangements to Personalize Storage Space

One of the most popular trends in ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is personalizing your storage space. Years ago, well-equipped kitchen cabinets featured lazy Susans and built-in spice racks. Today, numerous storage options exist allowing you to organize your kitchen and kitchen items efficiently for you. Many options of specialty drawers exist for conveniently storing kitchen essentials, including pot storage drawers, recycling and garbage bins, and racking for canned and dry goods. KOC offers various ready to assemble kitchen cabinets featuring specialty storage options like our Easy Reach Corner Cabinet Base Cabinet, Pull out Spice Rack Cabinet, Cookie Sheet Cabinet, Lattice Wine Rack cabinet, and more.


Kitchen Cabinet Appliance Garages

While appliances today offer increased efficiency and features, many homeowners chose to hide appliances away in kitchen cabinetry. Many styles of discount kitchen cabinets exist to encase refrigerators, microwaves, dishwasher, and ovens behind cabinet-matching wood panels. Smaller, countertop appliances like toasters, coffeemakers, and mixers, can be housed in "appliance garages" featuring swing-up doors and screens. Appliance hiding kitchen cabinets provide homeowners increased cleanliness and efficiency. KOC kitchen cabinet inventory features a variety of appliance garages, including the Countertop Appliance Garage, the Refrigerator Wall kitchen cabinet, the Single/Double Oven cabinet, and Microwave.


Popular Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

A good kitchen cabinet finish turns ordinary kitchen cabinets into art. KOC Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Collections that offers a glazed finish are among the most popular looks today. This particular kitchen cabinet look involves furniture quality stain finish cabinets with areas featuring a dark glaze finish highlighting the detailed raise panel doors and drawer fronts. Our White Paint-Satin finish Collection features a bronze glaze to place additional emphasis on any grooves or embellishments. Other popular kitchen cabinet finishes include Walnut, Bamboo, Maple, Hickory, and Oak. Aluminum Door Frames are also available in our contemporary cabinet collection; The Spice Maple Collection and Warrick Walnut Collection are two among many popular cabinet finishes offered.


Kitchen Cabinets for Display Space

Incorporating display space into kitchen cabinet designs is a time-honored trend here to stay. Displaying chinaware and heirlooms in our glass cabinets and diagonal wall cabinets have become so popular. Textured or Frosted glass set in a stainless steel cabinet frame is a classic contemporary look. Clear Glass options are available on most of our collections. A particularly popular feature is an LED illumination system highlighting all your fine china and collectables. Under-cabinet lighting is an excellent complement to any cabinet collection, warming up your space while creating additional task lighting for your work area.

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