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Functionality & Aesthetics Taking Care of Your Special Tiles

by alanageikie

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Calacatta gold marble is an uncommon kind of natural marble as in “only mined in marble deposits in Italy” rare. Because this kind of marble is uncommon, and thus might be relatively expensive, you need to properly maintain your Calacatta gold marble to make it last long and protect its splendor. It can be set up in your bathroom, where it is frequently used, or somewhere else in your home that gets better with some elegance.

Calacatta gold marble, plus a more abundant variety of marble, the Carrara marble, can exclusively be seen in the marble mines of Carrara in northwestern Italy. In spite of its relatively expensive price, its distinctive hue and patterns make it among the trendiest materials for flooring. Furthermore, with sufficient treatment, the marble could stay lovely for a long time.

Clean up spills as soon as possible: Without sealing substances, marble tiles including Calacatta gold are at risk of being tainted by liquid spills. If you are using marble tiles on your countertop, consult a contractor that offers services for putting on marble sealants. The pores on the surface of the marble can be covered, preventing the flow of liquid from leaking into the pores.

Yet, if you don’t have the funds or time to use sealants, simply clean spills immediately with a clean piece of cloth. The more time the spills stay on the untreated marble tile surface, the greater the chances the beverages will permeate the microscopic holes. Spots on the tiles as a result of spills are difficult to get rid of, even with industrial cleaning solutions.

Handle it with care: Apart from being vulnerable to stains, a Calacatta gold marble tile that isn't adequately maintained could be prone to physical damage. Do everything you can to protect the marble tile from the incredible mass of furniture or the regular scuffle of feet. Put soft pads underneath the furniture legs so that its weight and sharp edges do not scrape or damage the tile.

Apply marble wax: It will work to your advantage to get marble wax because it may help make your marble tiles exceptionally protected from spills. Apply marble wax in areas with Calacatta gold mosaic tiles or any other place in the home that is prone to spills, such as the kitchen. Having said that, ensure that the marble has been sealed prior to using wax.

Understand more on marble tile care tips at and retain the elegance of your tiles. You could also check with your local distributor of marble tiles or vetro glass for more details.

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