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IVF will Turn Couples to Parents

by fortisfertility

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After settling down in life every person wants to have their own family with beautiful wife and the cutest kids. The family makes man’s life much more beautiful. But in few cases people are unable to conceive a child.  There may be much reason for Infertility. But in India usually female will be blamed for not giving birth to the baby. Infertility may happen if anyone person in a couple is infertile. Infertility can happen to anyone either to female or male; it is not dependent on gender. But after coming to know the truth of the person is infertile he/she should not be depressed this is where Infertility Treatmentcomes in.

There are two types of infertility:

  • Primary Infertility
  • Secondary Infertility

The primary infertility affects many people in this world, about 10% of men and women of reproductive age. If there is infertility in women it can be treated from In vitro fertilization (IVF) technique.

In Vitro Fertilization is nothing but female egg and male sperm are fertilized outside the women’s body. IVF was for the first time successfully practiced in the United States in 1981. The babies conceived through IVF are popularly known as ‘test tube baby’. The first test tube baby is Louise Brown. In 2003 she turned 23 years. Since 1981 more than 4 million babies have been born worldwide as a result of using the in vitro fertilization techniques. IVF became the boon for childless couples, it turned couples to parents.

The procedure of In IVF is man’s sperm and woman’s eggs are combined in a laboratory dish. Once it is fertilized the embryo or embryos is/are then transferred to the womb of the woman to implant naturally. Doctors usually place two to four embryos in the woman’s uterus at one time.

In vitro fertilization is usually the treatment of choice for women who have the problems like blocked, damaged or there are no Fallopian tubes. IVF can be used if there is infertility in men caused because of low sperm count. It’s known that IVF technology represents one of modern medicine's success stories. IVF techniques help couples who could never have a baby with any other technique to start their own family. Nowadays less than 5% of infertile couples actually go for IVF. Couple who can’t conceive the baby they usually go for IVF treatment.

 There are many Infertility treatment centers, but Fortis creation In vitro fertilization centre bangalore In vitro fertilization centre Bangalore is most popular among all. Fortis Creation provides 360 degree care for all aspects of infertility.

The Fortis Creation centre offers a wide range of services such as Basic infertility assessment, surgical correction of pelvic pathologies, IUI, DI, IVF, Blasto-cyst transfer, frozen embryo replacement cycles, and surgical sperm retrieval etc. Fortis has the specialists who are associated with Reproductive Medicine & Surgery for more than 17 years at the helm; the centre comes with the dedicated team of an embryologist, an Andrologist and other Para-medical staffs.

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