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On Dog Bites: A Likely Argument for Personal Injury Lawyers

by edwinaodriscoll

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It’s logical that you’re liable if you hurt someone in a fistfight; but when your dog bites someone, you’re also liable. As ironic as it sounds, the dog owner can be liable for injuries caused by a dog on a biting spree. It’s not particularly unfair for the owner, as it falls on him to keep his canine companion on a tight leash.

A dog bites because of the following reasons: acting in self-defense, sensing fear, dealing with pregnancy, or feeling pain. Toronto has already moved to lower the cases of dog bites by banning pit bulls in the city, as this breed was biting more people than any other breed. However, if the accident has already happened and it boils down to a court case, here is a common scenario:

The bitten

The victim can argue in court that the owner of the dog who bit him knew that the dog had the tendency to bite. It’s a common argument in many dog bite cases, in which the owner is liable for letting the incident happen. The owner could have kept the dog on a leash or closed the gate or door to prevent it from running outside.

Even though the owner may have had no prior knowledge that his dog was hostile, the owner could still be liable for the injuries. The victim can argue that he could have kept the dog inside the house even if he didn’t know that it bites. Take note that a dog can have many reasons to snarl at a person and attack him.

The dog owner

For a dog owner to successfully defend his stand, he can argue that the victim had provoked the dog into biting him. Annoyance could have caused the dog to act in hostility against the person, and this could be a valid reason for acquittal. Additionally, personal injury lawyers toronto law offices employ also say that trespassing on one’s property can be considered an act of provocation. It’s a dog’s natural instinct to defend its territory from unwanted guests.

Another argument for the dog owner is that the victim knowingly took the risk of interacting with the dog and disregarded the posted warning signs. Having a “Beware of Dog” sign in the vicinity of the house can give the owner a good standing in an argument. In this case, personal injury lawyers toronto will commonly advise dog owners to put up warning signs even if their dog does not bite.

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