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Tallin is gaining a reputation as a great place to party

by Jackdavis

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It has become increasingly common over the last few years for hen and stag parties to travel abroad for a couple of nights of debauchery rather than do a traditional local pub crawl. Those who can really afford to splash out tend to head to Las Vegas, ready to experience this crazy city’s nightlife. However, those on a smaller budget have found a European heaven in Tallin. The capital city of Estonia, it is gaining a reputation as a great place to party, especially if you are planning a stag night to remember! Escorts from Estonia constantly recommend the city for people looking to have a brilliant time without having to pay a fortune for it. So, what needs to be on the check list for the ultimate stag night? The top three have to be alcohol, naked girls and an insane prank on the groom. The best man of the groom has to be on full alert to make sure the groom doesn’t end up having their stomach pumped, doesn’t cheat and well, doesn’t die. If any of these three things happened the bride-to-be is going to hold the best man solely responsible and no man, no man at all, wants to get on the bad side of a Bridezilla. Tallin is becoming increasingly popular for stag nights. Not only is the night life incredible, there are plenty of manly activities to do throughout the day. The alcohol is very cheap and the girls are stunning, especially Estonian escorts. European girls are famed for being the hottest in the world and Estonian girls may just be the hottest. A stag party is all about the men getting together and letting their testosterone lead the way. Unlike typical hen parties, they’re not going to be drinking champagne and talking about the future. Men want wild fun and lots of it! Tallin is the perfect place for this. Depending on how much time you have there, there is loads for you to do: quad biking, motor paintball, doesn’t get more manly than that! When it comes to the evenings, you can guarantee a night of complete mayhem. With beer costing half of what it does in the UK and with the strip clubs a hundred times sexier, it is impossible to not have a good time. If the stag party is lucky enough, they will come across an Estonian escort. Such a beauty should be enjoyed by all of the party except the groom as he may just stray!


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