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The Hostel films

by Jackdavis

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Many of you may have seen the Hostel films or at least heard of them. Arguably the most gory horror films ever made and set in Slovakia, they did nothing for the country’s tourism industry. Actually, they did do something - they killed it! There are three Hostel films; Hostel, Hostel Part II and Hostel Part III. The first two films are set in Slovakia but the third in Las Vegas. The films centre on a private members club called the ‘Elite Hunting Club’ where wealthy people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to torture kidnapped people to death. One of the main reasons Hostel was set in Slovakia is because of the beautiful girls that live in the country who play a key part in the film by seducing men and unknowingly to the men, leading them to their deaths. Slovakian women really are incredibly beautiful, especially Slovakian escorts. If you travel to Slovakia you will see that many of the young women look like supermodels. The majority of them are tall, slender and lightly tanned. In Hostel, some American men are convinced by a ‘friend’ to visit a town in Slovakia with the promise of many hot girls who are nymphomaniacs. He tells them to visit a hostel in the town where all of these girls are ready and waiting and shows them photos of himself with all the naked beauties. Of course, their brains sink to their underpants and they head to the village where they encounter completely naked and ridiculously arousing women and are predictably happy. Their happiness is short lived as they are kidnapped and taken to a heavily guarded building where the worst imaginable torture awaits them. The Hostel films are sick creations, you have to wonder what kind of person can come up with the ideas for the torture scenes. In the first Hostel, a young Asian girl is strapped to a chair having her eyeball being tugged out of it’s socket. Don’t expect the camera to cut away in scenes like this, expect it to zoom in for extra gore! The films have unsurprisingly been banned in many countries for their explicit content and a lot of Slovakian people were angry at the impression the films have given people of their country. People need to remember they are just films! Slovakians don’t actually kidnap people and there certainly isn’t a huge torture chamber in the country. The only aspect of the film that is true in it’s likeness to Slovakia is the sexy girls. Slovakian girls really are that hot. And they are definitely not evil accessories to murder! As you can learn from a Slovakian escort, these girls are charming, intelligent and great fun to be around. The only torture involved with escorts from Slovakia is the mental torture of not being with one! If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing intimate time with one of these sexually-charged sirens, you are seriously missing out!

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