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Best sex positions for women

by liyo89

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Have you admitted your sex life as boring and dull? Or you are looking for some fresh and intimated sex with on bed to please? Then you need some of the techniques that can easily maintain a long term sex relationship with your companion. As wife is the most important person in your life hence is you care for her and always love her. But you remain unsatisfied sometimes over the bed with your women as she has lack of knowledge about the sex. That is the reason why a man seeks for other. Women can win heart by supporting her in each and every sort of life. Learning and implementing Best Sex Positions For Women can win heart of man. Making your man a hero and giving your full support during the sex sessions can bring lots of excitement and entertainment in your boring sex sessions. Some of the sex positions that give you enchanting sex sessions are as follows.


  • Pleasures pick me up: Whether you love your man or want some enact at your sex sessions then you need to get yourself a ladylike delight. By just giving passionate kiss and letting your man bind you in his arm can be a good initiative for the best sex sessions.

  • Couch canoodle: Grabbing your man from the front while you man is resting on the couch, can be more enthralling as you get laid on his thighs and your movement can give him wildest and exotic fantasies that will last for long time. This is one of the well known Sex Positions For Women.

  • Tight Squeeze: Let leave your partner to dig your sensual feminine part and let him reach at the more sexual clitoris so you both become crazy for the long time and even it will give more pleasing movement to both of you.

  • Leg lifting: Keeping your lusty long leg over your men’s shoulder, you can enjoy the more pleasurable sex sessions in this position as your men will understand the stretching sex boundaries for him.


Learning some of the best sex positions mentioned above can give you more favor on the bed to your men and surely your men will understand your deep love towards him. By putting these sex positions in your life you can easily fill your life with unforgettable joy.


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