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Attraction vs. No Attraction

by anonymous

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No attraction.

Had a date tonight with a girl I met wayyyyyy back over four months ago. Saw her again as she had come to London after living up north. Just no attraction there.

Attraction is so fucking tangible when it's there. With the Spanish girl I met back about 10 days ago, it was almost like you could touch it.

Real attraction is probably one of the most beautiful and natural things in the world when it's there. When it isn't, you might as well be talking to a dead person. As much as I tried to fake being attracted her, it was impossible to create the completely lost in each other’s eyes feeling that comes with real attraction.

Time just stops and you just want to jump on each other.

It comes down to the conundrum about dating girls you aren't really THAT attracted to so that you can act that aloof when you are with girls you do like.

Society has created this game we all have to play with girls that we like. We can't tell them that we like them, all our cards have to be close to our chest.


So, in that way - you should date people you aren't that attracted to. Girls do it. Girls go out with guys they don't care about just because they are bored.

You don't have to sleep with every girl you meet. You could meet a good friend. In 60 years of challenge he talks about creating a wall of female affection. It's incredibly important to have girls who show you affection but aren't necessarily your girlfriend.

This way, you get affection from a lot of girls. The thing is, girls get way more affection in this world. They give each other affection and they get it off guys.

On the other hand, guys aren't so great at giving affection to each other and we need affection too. It means there is a complete imbalance, unless you can create this wall of affection from females in your life - this is what 60 years of challenge talks about.

I recommend you look at getting it.

PS. If you've been reading the past blog. The dramatic Italian girl is back. Her text saying, "I'm leaving this Friday."

The saga continues.


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