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How is Mobile Marketing Measured?

by anonymous

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Mobile marketing is by many accounts revolutionary to the world of marketing and advertising. The scope, speed, convenience, and targeted approach it offers customers and a business alike is simply unparalleled in the business world. However, as with all business ventures companies want to be able to measure the success and efficiency of their strategies, not only to monitor cost-effectiveness but also to determine how well their strategy is engaging with its audience. So, how is mobile marketing measured?


It is simple to see and appreciate the effort that has thus far gone into making mobile marketing revolutionary to the world of marketing. However, with this revolutionary thinking in place, conventional means of measuring a marketing approach are no longer viable for accurate analysis of mobile marketing. New thinking has to be met with new thinking, and mobile analytics Bango have presented a first look at some viable options for accurate mobile marketing measurement.


Bango have devised an accurate method of tracking for mobi-sites that can give marketers valuable information on customer behaviour and level of engagement. The tracking takes place by assigning a mobile users device with a unique tracking code. This code is then used to track a users online data usage and history (including; the device they are operating from, geographic location and the network they are on). Bango also use the tracking codes to give overall website analysis such as; page views and the time users spend on a site.


The tracking primarily takes place on a websites; landing page, goal pages and key tracking points. This way, marketers can make sure these checkpoints are tailored and thoroughly designed for specific audiences, and that way comprehensively gauge the interaction users have with the site. From this measuring, marketers can look at how well a site is engaging with an audience, and if necessary, head to the drawing board to make refinements to the layout, offers themselves, or even the overall strategy of their marketing campaign.


This approach may be just the start for how businesses can measure mobile marketing, but it still offers vital information for companies who want to know how effective their strategies are at present, and how successful their strategies are likely to be in the future. This allows for invaluable forecasting and thus careful refinement of market approaches, enabling companies to have a higher chance of success in their marketing campaign.


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