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High Performance Corvette Hoods And Exhausts

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Among several of the accessories for the Corvette there are two specific accessories that add to the car’s performance as well as grace and beauty. The first of these two items is the Corvette hood. This is an accessory that has a multi-role. It alters the aerodynamics to suit the car’s performance and at the same time it also cools the engine. Of course this accessory definitely adds to the Corvette’s striking looks too. The second accessory that has multiple roles is the Corvette exhaust. This is one component that is definitely admired by all in the vicinity of the car on account of not only its looks but also the acoustics that are invariably altered considerably whenever a new exhaust system if fitted on the Corvette.

The best of Corvette shops carry a complete line of the Corvette exhaust systems. You can therefore have a pick of the latest in tips and headers, X-pipes and muffler systems and other accessories that help the Corvette to breathe better and run not only faster but also more efficiently. All these systems are invariably checked so that they meet exacting quality standards before you receive them.

Corvette exhaust systems include a large variety of components and accessories for components. Some of these are the Corvette exhaust plate billet chrome with the logo of your model. This is NPP or Corsa exhaust valid for the 2008-2011 C6. You can also order the Corvette exhaust system- B&B Fusion with 4”Quad round tips meant for the 2006-2011 ZO6. For both the 2006-2011 ZO6 and ZR1 you can go for the B&B PRT with the 4”Quad Round Satin Finish with black ceramic coated tips while for the 2005-2008 C6 models one can order the B&B Bullet with Quad 4.0”round tips.

There is another very attractive component for the Corvette exhaust system. This is the Magna Flow exhaust for the 2005-2008 C6. For the 2006-2011 ZO6 and ZR1 models one can order the Corsa Sport Quad Pro-Series 4.0”tips too. One can also order some fine exhaust accessories for the Corvette exhaust in terms of headers and X-pipes and muffler systems such as the Corvette exhaust port filler panel in stainless steel or the Corvette exhaust filler panel solid Black Stealth NPP exhaust only for the 2008-2011 C6 and several others.

There are several versions for the Corvette hood that you need to look at as well. There is the Corvette hood Group 6 for 2005-2011 C6, ZO6, ZR1 and the Grand Sport. The hood comes unpainted and will need to be prepped prior to painting. The Corvette hood High Rise for the 1997-2004 C5 and ZO6 is an aggressive looking hood that is made of hand-laid fiberglass for the perfect fit and finish.

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