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Non-Profit Credit Counseling Can Offer Hope to LA Residents

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Non-Profit Credit Counseling Can Offer Hope to LA Residents

Living in Los Angeles can mean a life of sunshine, excitement and glamour. It can also mean a life of debt. Though living in LA is a dream for many, reckless spending and high costs of living can turn that dream into a financial nightmare.

The High Cost of Living in LA

A salary of $60,000 or even $50,000 a year can get you a rather comfortable lifestyle in most places across the United States, but with the extremely high cost of living in Los Angeles, it won’t take you very far. Consider the cost of rent alone. For a standard apartment in a safe neighborhood, LA residents pay an average of $2,000 per month without a roommate. Factor in the cost of groceries, entertainment and transportation, and it doesn’t take long for your paycheck to disappear before your very eyes.

For LA residents who want to keep up with the “LA lifestyle”, living paycheck to paycheck can throw a wrench in the LA dream. The desire to life a life of glamour can lead to serious credit problems, as residents open lines of credit to finance new home furnishings, clothing and even automobiles. Before long, living in LA can have you also living under a mountain of debt.

Non Profit Credit Counseling Agencies can Help

If you are one of the many struggling residents of Los Angeles consumer credit counseling can give you the help you need. But be careful of the many bogus debt relief claims circulating the city. A number of for-profit debt relief agencies are known for false advertising and even claiming they have the support of the government. However, consumers should be aware that there are currently no government programs available to help people out of credit card debt.

To be sure you are getting professional, honest help managing your debt, seek the help of a non profit credit counseling agency. Agencies that are not for profit always have your best interest in mind and put your needs first. Counselors at a non-profit organization can help you get control of your finances and pay down your debt in a shorter, yet realistic time frame. Your counselor will assess your current financial situation in order to devise the best plan of attack specific to your needs. They will help you cut costs, set budgets, and work on a payment plan that fits your financial capabilities.

Residents of LA who are struggling with debt can find hope through credit counseling. Through time, patience and goals, your credit counselor can help put you back on the path to financial freedom.


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