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Buying Vintage Posters On Art And the Movies

by Editor123

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Vintage posters were not always collectors’ items as they are today.
Today’s vintage posters are at least 50 years old. They are mostly from
Europe and were used to advertise all kinds of commodities and ideas
from foods to travel and liquors to entertainment. The earliest
collector must have realized the commercial angle in the common place
posters that were put up for Airlines and the Movies. It is understood
that the collector that started the trend would have had a lot of
difficulty in picking up undamaged posters for his collection.


The method of printing then used was stone lithography that brought
out vibrant colors but reprints were often not possible. This further
reduced the number of posters that could be used for a collection but
added to the ultimate price of the posters in turn. What further added
to the price of these posters was that artists that painted these
posters sometimes became famous because of their art. This pushed the
cost of the posters sky high and made vintage posters a good idea whose
time had evidently come. Today’s vintage movie poster is just as popular as vintage art posters or those based on travel among other subjects.


Today’s vintage movie poster was yesterday’s current movie poster
plastered in kiosks on streets or the sides of buildings. You could see
them inside stores or restaurants and just about anywhere there were
people to see them. The movie posters would possibly jostle with those
on liquor and food, movies and travel, products and transportation or
sports and fine arts. During the times of wars especially WWII there
must have been large number of posters on the War and Military as well.


Vintage movie poster is only one of several categories under
entertainment. The other subcategories are Circus and Magic, Dance and
Ballet, Entertainers, Exposition, Music/Jazz/Rock, Radio/TV and
Theater/Opera. For accessing the various vintage posters there’s
another subcategory pertaining to the country of origin. Here you can
pick British posters and French ones or German, Italian, American,
Spanish and Swiss posters. Some of the memorable names of movies for
which posters are available to collectors are Elvis-Kissin Cousins, La
Dolce Vita and Bird.


Vintage art posters are very valuable to a collector. Attractive
posters consist of 3 Femmes Pres Du Lac by Robbe dated 1900, Coquillage
also by Robbe, this one measuring 19.8”x 25.8”and Flirt Man and woman
at desk. There are other vintage art posters by Picasso such as Galerie Claude Bernard dated 1971 and Group in nude dated 1991.


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