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The Right Colours for your Venetian Blinds

by anonymous

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Venetians blinds serve a lot of purpose in our homes. Apart from their practical use, blinds also add style and embellishment to any room. When you are buying venetian blinds online, keep in mind that it’s important to choose the right colour because it greatly affects the tone that you want to set. Mismatched colours might ruin the atmosphere and disrupt the interior design. The colour of your venetian blinds can make or break the mood you want to achieve.

Staying safe and choosing neutral colours for your venetian blinds is very practical. This way, your blinds will blend with whatever furniture you have, even if you change them over time. The blinds flow well with the rest of the room and would not steal any attention from the room's focal point. Shades in white and other neutral colours like beige and tan also give off an illusion of space and can make the room seem bigger.

Pastel colours for venetian blinds are also good for small rooms, especially in kids’ bedrooms. Pastels give soft accents without drawing too much attention. Light shades of pink, green, blue and yellow also give a light and airy feel that goes well in bedrooms, making them feel comfortable and relaxing.

If you want to add drama to the room, then going for bold colours with your venetian blinds will do the trick. You can choose a colour that directly contrasts your walls or if you have neutral-painted walls, a deep primary colour like red will give accent and character to the room. Dark venetian blinds can also give the room a cozy and intimate feel.

Another great option is to have wood or timber blinds. They are classy and can bode well with whatever room colour you have. Timber blinds also come in different shades, so you can choose lighter or darker shades depending on the mood you want to achieve.

The colours of your blinds are a top priority. When you are buyingvenetian blinds online, remember to ask for colour samples before you put in your order. Look up online venetian blinds store based in Melbourne to get some ideas for the perfect colours your blinds.