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cosmetic dentistry NYC

by NewYorkDentists

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A cosmetic dentistry professional in NYC provides guidance on the Dental Implants


Missing teeth could be detrimental to the confidence of an individual and may carry various health implications. New Yorkers resort to various cosmetic dentist procedures every year in order to achieve flawless smiles with healthier teeth. A cosmetic dentistry NYC professional treats the issue of missing teeth with the help of dental implants.


The interview with a cosmetic dentist helps to clarify the different aspects of a dental implant procedure,


Interviewer - How can dental implants help a candidate?

Cosmetic Dentist - Tooth loss can happen due reasons that may include tooth decay, gum disease, root canal failure, congenital defects, trauma to the mouth and excessive wear or tear. Tooth loss may affect the functions of the adjoining teeth and results in an incorrect bite that may result in bone loss. Dental implants help to replace missing teeth and in some cases, these implants are helpful to replace braces by its uses with dental bridges.


Interviewer - What are the benefits of dental implants over the other methods of tooth implants?

Cosmetic Dentist – Dental implants are revolutionary and are considered as one of the best ways of tooth restoration. Tooth restored by this procedure are indistinguishable from the other teeth due to their superior aesthetics. These dental implants are made of titanium and are placed in the tooth structure in order to be surrounded by the gum tissue. The capping of the “root” structure is done with the help of a ceramic crown in order t give it a natural appearance.
In other procedures like bridges and crowns, conditions such as loss of the gum and bone recession may develop. Hence, dental implants provide a viable to alternatives such as bridges, crowns and dentures.


Interviewer - Who could be an ideal candidate for the procedure of dental implants?

Cosmetic Dentist - A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC expert can ascertain if a candidate can have, dental implants fixed for his/her missing teeth. The bone density as well as quality is assessed with the help of X-rays and CT scan, in order to find if dental implantation is possible. The treatment alternatives may differ a little in cases of diabetes, cancer and periodontal diseases.


Interviewer - What are follow up and after care involved in the procedure of dental surgery?

Cosmetic Dentistry professional – After care of the dental implants procedure involves the intake of soft foods diet. Healing and the fusing of the root to the dental gum require proper everyday care. Improper care may result in the infection of the implants and affect the success of the procedure. Failure may also be associated with lifestyle habits as smoking that may retard the healing process.


Cosmetic Dentistry NYC surgeon performs dental procedures to improve the health and the appearance of the teeth. Visit http://www.dentalcarenyc.comfor further details.


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