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The Process of CD Replication and Duplication

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When it comes to CD replication, choosing a reputed and trustworthy company has become very important. You must see that the company has all the necessary equipments and infrastructure to produce quality CDs and DVDs for your requirements. The process of DVD duplication has become very popular for requirement of CDs in small quantities. The process is performed by passing a laser beam over the disc.

If you finalize on a reputed company, you can rest assured that it has all the necessary equipments and machinery to produce top quality duplicated CDs. The finished product will have the same sound and digital quality as the original. While choosing a company for replication and duplication needs, see that it can provide all the services that you require at reasonable rates.

The Process you would choose:

Although the two processes of replication and duplication sound similar, the basic difference lies in the quantity of CDs being produced. In CD replication, the disc will be pressed from a glass master and the artwork will be directly printed on the disc surface. A set of moulds or stampers are produced from the glass master, which are then mounted on an injection mould machine where a replica of the mold is created. A layer of aluminum which is very thin and reflective is used to coat the disc. Finally, the disc is covered with a protective layer using ultra violet light.

The technique can be used to make even a million copies. So, if you have enough time and the required quantity is more than 500 units, you must go for CD or DVD replication. The quality will be superior and you will be delivered with a professional final result. In duplication, the disc will be burned from CD-R or DVD-R formats and then applied to the disc surface. You can resort to DVD duplication if you require less than 500 units and you need to rush the order.

Search online for all you DVD Duplication and CD Replication Needs:

With the advent of the Internet, you can now search for your CD replication requirements from the comforts of your home. The reputed companies now maintain an online presence and you can even compare their quotes. Go for a company that specializes in CD mastering, CD design, DVD duplication etc. A professional company will guide you in determining the best way for duplicating your CDs.

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