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Understanding the Behavior of Your Maltese

by anonymous

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For anyone who has ever lived with a Maltese, there’s a special bond that develops that can only be explained when you understand the behavior of your dog. Affectionate, loyal and very intelligent, this spirited little breed will be sure to make an impact on your life by tugging on your heart strings. Take a little time to understand the behavior of your Maltese and enjoy your friend just a little more.

Unparalleled Loyalty


Every Maltese from a good home will exert signs of intense loyalty towards their owners. They simply believe that you are the brightest star in the universe and that everything you do is perfect. With devotion and faithfulness that cannot be matched, your Maltese will want to accompany you on short trips to the mailbox, the bathroom or around the block. They just want to be by your side and will often choose your lap over chasing birds, playing with toys or even eating.

Friendly and Unaware


You may have noticed that when you are outside walking with your Maltese that he likes to approach strangers eagerly and often does so uninvited. This is simply because he is unaware of his size and extremely social. In fact, it is up to you as the caretaker and “parent” to always make certain that your Maltese stays on his leash. He will approach unfriendly dogs without fear and can run the risk of getting hurt. Naturally inquisitive, they need your guidance to keep them protected.



On account of your Maltese wanting to play, he may inadvertently enter into a dangerous situation around small children. Kids of all ages are naturally drawn to the small, toyish look of the Maltese. While in most cases, this is perfectly, fine, there are some situations that you should avoid.

If your dog does not use caution around small children, you should take necessary steps to protect him. Children love to play and roughhouse and even toddlers can accidentally injure your dog. Fragile bone structure and delicate features are not sturdy enough to withstand being caught under a pile of laughing children or six pairs of feet running at the same time.

Signs of Aging


In some cases, your Maltese may be acting strangely or you may have noticed some odd behaviors. It’s very possible that he is growing old and experiencing signs generally associated with aging. Typically, the Maltese for sale here at Affordable Pups live comfortably for about 15 years. Nevertheless, there are sure to be signs along the way.

You may have noticed his enthusiasm for going outside has decreased. Keep in mind, even older dogs need daily exercise. While he may not jump up and dash out the door for his daily walk anymore, he still needs fresh air and sunshine. Make it a point to get outside daily, even if for just a few minutes. Unfortunately, his vision may not be as keen as it once was. If you are constantly refilling a spilled water dish, consider investing in heavy weighted bowls that will decrease the likeliness of tipping.

The Maltese for sale we have here at Affordable Pups are exceptional animals with lots of love and joy to give to their most admired companion – you. Understand a little about his behavior and be better prepared to provide a friendly, safe environment for him to love, live and grow old comfortably.


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