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Use EPA Approved Hartz Flea Shampoo to Eliminate Dog Fleas a

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As the sounds and the smells of the summer months start brightening your heart, you, as a dog owner, also start worrying about protecting your pet from the menace of fleas. With the markets flooded with a wide variety of products meant for flea prevention and cure, it is definitely quite confusing to select the right product for your furry friend. However, the best way to overcome this dilemma is to choose only those products that have been approved by EPA as they are safe for the animal as well as the environment. Hartz offers a wide range of flea control products, including Hartz Flea shampoo, which is approved by the EPA to be harmless for use on pets.

EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency is the government agency that is in charge of registering, supervising and reviewing the products in U.S.A. that are used for killing animal pests. Only the products rated as safe by EPA can be launched in the market to be sold either by retailers or veterinarians. That fact that Hartz products, including Hartz Flea Shampoo, have been approved as a whole by EPA, is in itself an assurance for their being completely safe and effective for use on pets.

Regular use of Hartz Flea shampoo not only kills the fleas residing on the body of your beloved dog, but also to completely destroy their eggs and larvae. In addition the shampoo consists of ingredients like aloe that helps in providing a soothing effect to the itchy and irritating sensation caused by flea bites on the skin of the dog besides helping in providing nourishment to its fur. While using the shampoo once would kill the fleas on its body, it won’t provide lasting protection. Remember, the shampoo provides protection from the pests only for 30 days so it has to be applied monthly in order to keep fleas away from your dog.

Hartz is a premium brand of pet care products which has been catering to pets includes dogs, cats, parrots, finches, goldfish, tropical fish, reptiles, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits etc. for over 80 years.

Hartz Flea & Tick control treatments including Hartz Flea shampoos, collars, drops and sprays happen to be amongst the most popular creations of this 1,500 products strong Company. To know more about the Hartz and check out their entire range of the products, log on to

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