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Open Adoption Brings Families Together

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For many years, adoption has been practiced by many individuals all over the world. For personal reasons, the parents of a child can no longer or are not able to care for their child as they would like to, and instead provide that child with a loving and supportive home by placing them up for adoption. Many years ago, closed adoption was the main choice for most parents and adoption agencies. Closed adoption involves the birth parents no longer being connected to their biological child, thus allowing the child to only have contact with their adoptive parents. However, in today’s society, open adoption is now the most widely practiced form of adoption in the U.S. In these types of situations, the birth and adoptive parents are able to meet one another, share full information about themselves, and have ongoing contact over the years until the child comes of age. It has been shown by research that the more open an adoption is, the more positive the experience will be for all parties included, including the child. This form of adoption makes sure to serve the best interest of not only the child, but also both sets of parents involved.

There are many benefits to choosing open adoption, for the birthparents, adoptive parents and the child or children. Birthparents will feel as though they are still included in the raising process and will have the notion that they are still close with their child even if they no longer have custody over them. They will feel as though they made the responsible decision and are now in control of their life, as they will be able to help and make a plan for their baby instead of feeling as though they abandoned them. The feelings of loss, which can lead to mental instability, are diminished as birth parents have full access to information about their child as they grow. The fears of the adoptive parents will also diminish, as they are not left in the dark as to who the child’s birth parents are. As trust and relationships grow, the adoptive parents will feel at ease knowing that they child they adopted is theirs, and the birthparents are there to assure them. Probably the most beneficial party in this type of adoption is the child. The child will have immediate answers and accurate information as to who their birthparents are when the time comes. The adoptive parents will be able to answer questions that the child has that they may not have been able to in a closed adoption setting.

In open adoption, relatives of the child, in regard to the birthparents, are seen as extended family. This still keeps the birthparents close to the child without letting them know that they are indeed their biological parents.

If you’re thinking of adopting a child, do your research and contact different agencies about the prospect of an open adoption. It could make all the difference in your life and the life of your child.

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