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Outsourcing to India: The permitted services

by shivanity

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The vast possibilities of Outsourcing have understood by India from the early 1980's. India's first contract was with some of the European airline companies for recording the flight timings, journey details, and chart descriptions. From that day to this moment, India has attained an envious growth among all other Asian countries in the Outsourcing sector. Hundreds of companies started contract with many Indian companies for getting their works done. Emergence and rapid growth of IT companies made a revolutionary change in this field. Direct contracts and third party contracts came into action and made Outsourcing a global employment scheme.

 India is the second largest populated country in the world. Unemployment was one of the major national threats in India. The people were struggling to make their living. Even the graduates were also helpless. The arrival of Outsourcing and Emergence of foreign companies changed the scene. Today more than 5 percentage of the total population is doing Outsourcing works in India.

 What are the benefits of Outsourcing? Outsourcing is the method of transferring works from a company to a firm situated in the country or abroad. Outsourcing has many benefits like saving money, time, staffs and lowering the workload and risks.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing to India?

 Many foreign countries are concentrating to launch their Outsourcing business in India. Why because, an individual doing the back office works in foreign countries like America and Europe demands more than 30 dollars per hour where an Indian employee requires less than five dollars. It seems nothing but it will bring a huge difference in the company’s economy and that is the reason why the foreign companies are eager to start their concerns in India and make business contracts with Indian companies.

 The individuals who are working in Outsourcing companies get more salary than the other people working in other sectors do. Therefore, they can proudly continue their carrier as a BPO employee. The Outsourcing works bring a large amount of foreign money to India, which is a great support to the national economy. Indian government has permitted Indian companies to undertake a number of outsourcing works. Some of the major Outsourcing works are:

  • Call center services
  • Data entry
  • Engineering assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Research and analysis
  • Healthcare services
  • Photo editing 
  • Logo designing
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • IT field
  • Legal assistance
  • Transcription services etc.

 Outsourced call centre services helps the companies in Europe and America to handle their customer enquiries and feedback cost effectively. India is one of those countries, which have a rich source of qualified English speaking community who are available at an economical hourly wage compared to western countries. Call centre service contributes 35% of all outsourcing jobs delivered to India.

 The advancement in science and technology, especially in the communication sector enabled India to emerge as one of the preferred port of outsourcing. Outsourcing to India enabled many companies to acquire a prestigious growth graph by reducing the internal costs and improving quality.


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