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Bid management is a rather complex and elaborate business activity. Bidding on projects requires a lot of focus and attention. Each proposal should look unique and professional at the same time. Sometimes you do not have enough time to commit thorough work on each document.

Some may think that if you create something in less time, it will be of lesser quality. However, that is not always true. If you complete your proposals faster, you will not necessary lose quality. You are just using a high-quality software tool to support your business activities! offers you an opportunity to create professional and elegant software proposals in minimum time. You will not lose any quality by creating proposals here. Instead you are achieving well-structured, accurate, and appealing software proposals in less time than you could, if you created them yourself. In addition, you can take advantage of the integrated CRM and scheduler to synchronize your work and to automate business operations.

To create proposals, you just have to enter your project information in the pre-existing tabs in three sections:

1) General section: project description, requirements, risks, portfolio, and references.

2) Technical section: architecture design, description, technologies, documentation, testing methods, communication, breakdown of work scope, team structure, delivery schedule.

3) Financial section: budget, prices, services included, conditions, payment terms, payment methods, notes, warranty and maintenance terms.

If you work in a team, you have the opportunity to divide your work among team members (in the roles of technical specialist, sales manager, and administrator). All team members have access authorization to the system as relevant to their role. The technical analyst has access to the technical section, the sales manager handles the financial and general section, and the admin can edit all sections. 

The integration of proposal creation process with CRM tool, and the resulting synchronization of your data provide significant benefits. Each proposal you generate will be associated with your client and there will be no need to use different tools for each business operation. If you use the online scheduler in addition to the previously mentioned functionalities, it will also allow you to manage your time, schedule, appointments, and meetings.

If you use all of the functionalities mentioned above, you will not only save time and lower the amount of work you have to put, but also increase your chances of winning the desired project. Stay on top of your game and win more projects than you can imagine!

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