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Using the Internet to Find the Ideal Plastic Surgeon

by gregore

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If you need to find a highly qualified plastic surgeon in Houston, the internet has made the search so much easier. You can find numerous surgeons in your area with a Google search. Their websites provide a wealth of information from “before and after” pictures to educational background, testimonials, and awards and certifications. Since you are looking for a surgeon who performs a particular surgery, such as breast augmentation or facelifts, you will want to find a one who specializes in the procedure that you need. Although that will narrow your search somewhat, there are many fine surgeons who have experience with quite a few cosmetic procedures.

Don’t settle for a Houston plastic surgeon that is adequate. Find one that is at the top of their field. Most plastic surgeons will list their credentials on their website. These credentials are relatively easy to verify, again thanks to the internet. There are a number of sites that provide information about members of the medical field. For example, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons will provide general data about member surgeons, as well as a wealth of information about all of the plastic surgical procedures that are available. It is an excellent site that provides comprehensive facts, statistics and guidance. The fact that a plastic surgeon qualifies as a member of that organization speaks to his or her capabilities.

Board certification by the American Board Of Plastic Surgery is the main criteria and should be at the top of your list of plastic surgeon requirements. If nothing else, board certification tells you that a surgeon has undergone a minimum of five years of meticulous additional surgical training, with at least two years in his or her field, including extensive testing, both written and oral.

It is ideal for the surgeon you select to have hospital privileges. This is another indication of a higher level of expertise. When you schedule an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, (and you should talk to at least two or more before you decide), feel free to ask any question that comes to mind. You can ask specific questions about how much experience they have with the procedure in question, costs etc. Ask them outright how many times they have performed the procedure. Look at their before and after photos.

If you happen to be searching for a highly respected plastic surgeon in Houston, telephone or email Memorial Plastic Surgery. We are a prestigious plastic, cosmetic and reconstruction surgery facility in Houston, Texas. Our head surgeon, Dr. Patrick Hsu, is an extremely proficient, board certified plastic surgeon. He also co-authored the book Plastic Surgery Emergencies: Principles and Techniques. This textbook is currently used in the training of clinicians, residents and trainees in plastic surgery. Dr. Hsu is an award-winning surgeon and a leading expert in his field. He is proud to call Houston home, and he is delighted to provide plastic surgery procedures to his fellow Houstonians.

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