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Sweet Bargains and Basics of Car Buying

by avaharness

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Years of community college has put you through grueling hard work and filled your shelves with books and other study material. Now, you finally have a job that provides you with a sizable salary, and you're thinking about rewarding yourself with something that you have always dreamed of having – your very first car.

While your first car may not be a luxury vehicle, you'd still be creating lots of memories with it while reaping the many benefits of having a car of your own. Plus, there are many reliable Monroe car dealers who can give you sweet bargains for your first purchase, so paying a huge lump sum of cash right away isn't going to be an issue.

Fresh out the Box or Pre-loved?

Whether you a buy brand new car or a pre-owned one, you're bound to see pros and cons either way. Buying brand new sounds (and even smells) nice because you get to experience the car at its prime and untouched state, but that also means having to buy it at a more expensive price. Buying a used car, on the other hand, will save you a lot of money, but at the same time could get you a car with a few glitches.

Vehicle Identification Number

Each car is given its own identity by manufacturers through a serial code called Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This number is what you can put into databases like CarFax to get a comprehensive report on your prospective vehicle's history. The report could include details like how many past owners the car has had, if it had been flooded, and if it was ever involved in any accident.

Taking a Closer Look

As useful as VINs may be, history reports aren't always complete and certain details may be left out. If you have a prospective car in mind, other than researching its features and history, you should check the vehicle out first hand, test drive it, and take a close look at its parts. You could also bring your trusted mechanic at the dealership to help you with the inspection.

There are many discount promos and rebate programs for first time buyers, so you could try checking them out before purchasing. Look up special deals offered by leading Monroe Toyota dealers, and find the one that best suits you. For more car buying tips, you can visit

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