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In 2013 we, being internet marketers, are only counting if there's
any way left to flatter the BIG 'G'. The post-Panda & post-Penguin
periods have penalised countless websites already. And the latest
updates in last July regarding 'optimized links in press releases, guest
blogs, articles' are also on the way to flag few more sites down.


Thing is clear. Google wants, "If you've something worth saying and
you want to share it with the world with/without formal knowledge on
SEO, then post an article. Else if you want to boost your site's ranking
by posting contents, stop posting them; you might only end up shooting
yourself in the foot and your site might be negatively affected."


Good news is Google is still appreciating quality guest posts which
can really add great values to site's search engine ranking factor. Here
are 5 things every guest blogger should take care to satisfy the BIG
'G' – Google.


1.Focus more on quality than quantity. The era of 'how many' has
gone. Now it's all about 'how much'. Never ever afford to write some
hundred guest posts and post them hundreds of websites in a
fortnight/month just because your client demands this. Instead, help her
understand that what she really requires is quality links or quality
visitors to the website. And quality doesn't come in numbers. So quality
earns, quantity doesn't.


2.Make promises that you can keep. If your post bears some worth and
is liked in your circle, you can't still guarantee that the same will
happen in case of all the blogs you're approaching for the guest post.
This is a fact and you should keep it in mind while dealing with your
clients about how many guest posts you can actually make live in a
month. Never promise unnecessarily.


3.Believe in earning quality links. Guest blogging is just like an
earned media where you can only earn quality links. There is no other
way of getting so many likes or clicks rather than waiting till people
understand and like. This is how natural and ethical link building is
established. Share this with your client and let her get the difference
between natural links and links from paid media or communities.


Paid or owned media can give you guaranteed impressions and clicks; but they are highly unnatural as per Google.


4.Consider authoritative blogs to guest blog. Simple, the site you're
guest blogging should be a quality website or blog (at least PR should
be higher than yours). So you can earn some authoritative links back to
your client's website. Authoritative blogs generally have some potential
visitors who often visit their blog in search for genuine information
or product. So it'll be a win-win situation if you can attract those
repeat visitors.


5.Keep patience. Once your guest blogs start spreading they keep
spreading. That same sentence comes again – 'Guest blogging is an earned
media'. It does depend on the 'Word-of-mouth' value. There are already
so many contents and posts out there on the internet that users don't
want to wait a second while seeking the exact information. If your post
succeeds in meeting the purpose of few people, then word-of-mouth comes
in handy. But it all takes time and you need to keep patience and focus
on writing next ones.


Lastly, keep generating unique ideas, write them beautifully and post
them on the most authoritative blogs and websites in your client's
niche. Go deep into current online marketing scenario and read it
accurately. World is changing quickly and so is everything in it. It's
important to stay up-to-date!


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