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guide to being elite on twitter

by anonymous

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Guide to being elite on Twitter by .......taBASKOsauce
    1. Supplement normal ASCII characters in your name with Unicode characters that have a similar resemblance
    2. Supplement letters with numbers resembling in your name
    3. Put a 'TM' next to your name
    4. Use IP logger links
    5. Be based or gtfo
    6. Describe your leetness by putting obscure references in your profile description
    7. Tweet random things from time to time that are completely irrelevant to fool people into thinking your passing secret messages
    8. From time to time, tweet messages in Hexadecimal; this one increases your leetness three fold
    9. Find some pedos and 'expose' them
    10. Buy a Guy Fawkes mask
    11. An hero after following previous step.
    12. Use  ... or any google service for that matter
    13. Be either strongly for or strongly against anything relating to Israel
    14. Buy Twitter followers in bulk (seriously, you always save money when buying in bulk)
    15. Start a 'sec'. Buy bandanas. Take pictures while wearing bandanas. Post pictures on instagram
    16. Burn down house and claim it happened while "cooking bacon"; bath in the insurance money.
    17. This one is one of the most important; be a Twitter ninja. Not a fucking irl ninja.
    18. Soulja boy.
    19. Get v& live on TC
    20. "Learn, or burn."
    21. Always type in grammatically correct sentences with the proper punctuation.
    22. Have a blahg
    23. Become "weaponized"
    24. Become a rapper
    25. Start a wepay
    26. An hero if you followed the last 2 steps
    27. Learn how to Tor
    28. Learn that proxies, nor Tor, is a VPN
    29. Get a VPN
    30. Brag to everybody that you have a VPN and are behind 7 proxies
    31. Learn about the Tor Browser
    32. Get vanned for using the Tor browser because you really were a pedo
    33. Just as with Israel, be either extremely for or extremely against anything government related
    34. As with the previous, same thing except in regards to anything military related
    35. Claim to be either NSA/FBI/DEA/CIA/HLS/LOL/SS/SAS
    36. Brag about doing crack on Twitter
    37. Be either extremely liberal or extremely conservative. Being independent does not bode well on Twitter.
    38. Learn that patience is a virtue.
    39. Ragequit twitter at least once a year
    40. Pretend to get SWAT'd at least once every two weeks
    41. Get mad because you took any of these steps literally. Literally.
    42. Make relationship graphs to prove a frivolous point
    43. Yoga pants required
    44. Get a fucking purple dot on a relationship graph; get nicknamed 'Barney'.
    45. Bear force one
    46. Sellout; write a book.
    47. Cash in; get a movie made about you.
    48. This one requires God mode. Single handedly take down a multimillion international child sex slave ring.
    50. Be a responsible Internet adult at all times.
    51. Practice your e-detective skills due to butthurt
    52. Receive pink slip from work due to previous step
    53. Claim to have someone's 'dox'; never deliver
    54. Create a Twitter botnet; suspend any account that causes you butthurt
    55. 'Stand' with Palestine for no apparent reason
    56. Get "dox'd"
    57. Be an Internet tough guy
    58. Get blocked on Twitter by the current U.S. president. This one requires dedication and great skill.
    59. Claim that you sent someone's information to the FBI
    60. Continually tweet for 24 hours straight at least once
    61. Realize the FBI and NSA have greater things to worry about
    62. Have a public Twitter meltdown at least once
    63. Get added to every fucking list ever created by @spyc0
    64. Takeover the WBC's Twitter account. This automatically sends you to God tier.
    65. Surprise adoption
    66. Learn how to use LOIC, HOIC, Slowloris, and Havij
    67. Due to previous step; learn you're a skid and get laughed off the internet after a proper, and public v&
    68. Start an 'OP'
    69. See step #67
    70. Own AT LEAST one 'sock account'
    71. Be a 'hacktivist' because being a hacker has lost all meaning
    72. Make it extremely clear that you're a hacktivist
    73. Always forgive, always forget, don't be expected
    74. If you're ever offended by a tweet; make it extremely clear to the person who sent the Tweet just how offended you are
    75. Copypasta; play it off as OC
    76. Use a thesaurus to transform your tweets into overly complicated sentences which will increase people's perception of your literacy
    77. Reference Wikipedia to validate your point in an argument
    78. If you can not afford hosting to have a proper blahg, at least have a Wordpress
    79. Post private conversations on Pastebin when butthurt
    80. Have a Git with nothing on it. This automatically increases your appearance by making it appear that you work on complex projects.
    81. Have a Linkedin
    82. Compare e-peens with someone to see whose is bigger at least once
    83. Get in an argument over who has been on the Internet longer
    84. Get v& for posting a picture of girlfriend's tits on a website you defaced
    85. Denounce other religions and explain why they are so horrible, and why yours is the best. If Atheist; denounce every and all religion.
    86. Claim to have 'connections' to 'important' people and/or relevant persons or groups
    87. Post fake SSNs to try and frame someone. Get laughed off the internet for failing miserably.
    88. Start a <name here> + News Twitter account
    89. Have your timeline feature on one of the following 'news' networks at least once; CNN/RT/FOX/MSNBC
    90. Remember that no matter how much tinfoil you have; it's never enough.
    91. Have a page about you on Encyclopedia Dramatica
    92. Quote the Boondock Saints movie from time to time
    93. Get blocked by a Jihadist for trolling the shit out of them
    94. Troll @VinceintheBay's show at least once
    95. Irony is always key
    96. Inject yourself into conversations to become relevant
    97. Stalk at least one person on Twitter
    98. Obtain at least one stalker from using Twitter
    99. Hack PBS's website and deface with a selfie of yourself
    100. Sue Basko
    101. Assert how badass you are by making indirect threats which mention no one
    ~ step 102 mysteriously missing from teh twitterz ~
    103. Pick a leet handle to use, such as: "Zero Cool" or "Acid Burn" (also see steps 1 and 2)
    104. Use Linux. Tell everyone you use Linux all the time. Tell everyone why Linux is better than Windows/Mac
    105. Takeover an IRC channel at least once. Completely takeover an IRC network to proceed to God tier automatically.
    105a. Publicly dump all user names and decrypted passwords of the IRC network. If passwords are not decrypted; the dump is invalid.
    106. If you can not decrypt the passwords; convert usernames to their MD5 equivalent and pass them off as passwords
    107. Make up rules as you go along
    108. Put "anon" in any of your usernames to assert your leetness
    109. Vanish for an extended period of time; say you got busted by the feds but didn't talk
    110. Actually get busted by the feds. Actually talk. Actually rat out everyone. Actually be Sabu.
    111. Confess anything to Adrian Lamo
    112. Get v& after previous step
    113. Have Daily Dot publish your List. Immense e-fame follows. Buy Tinychat
    114. Find a deface on hzone (or anywhere for that matter); claim it as your own
    115. Black Bloc (or any group that likes to run around and destroy things)
    116. Always post images that contain coordinates in the EXIF data
    117. Claim to be the leader of anonymous; fail because @asshurtACKFlags is leader of anonymous.
    118. Scream "hack the planet" while being v&
    119. Post tit shots from time to time
    120. Attempt to rm your self-posted nude photos from the Internet. Fail. Ragequit until acceptance sinks in.
    121. Get threatened with a lawsuit for slander
    122. When a well-known service goes down or something happens at a popular event; claim it was you who did it
    123. Threaten to call someone's parents
    124. Be a groupie
    125. Have groupies
    126. Something about FTP
    127. Always remember; everything you read on the internet is true
    128. Have at least one parody account of your account
    129. Never delete your direct messages on Twitter
    130. Get your Twitter account taken over by Rustle League
    131. Have your jimmies rustled so hard that they fall off
    132. Be CommanderX
    133. Get trolled by a 10 year old kid in Tinychat who's smoking hookah and drinking vodka.
    134. Always name-drop to prove credibility
    135. Have a copyright symbol on your name
    136. Have a copyright AND trademark symbol in your name
    137. Tell everybody "you have the Gibsons" from a Windows computer
    ~ to be continued ~

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