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Paas: Adapted To Suit Business Enterprises

by kalpeshkumar

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Platform as a service is one of the cloud technologies coveted by many. However, it was the IT companies that wanted to utilize it initially. The early days of cloud computing were, therefore dedicated to the developer, and not meant for the business enterprises. Gradually, though the business houses saw how the storage, testing and scaling operations could be integrated in the cloud, making their task easier. They saw the wisdom behind going for virtualization of their mundane day to day tasks and freeing up their human resource for important business related work.

However, the speed and efficiency was almost a dream come true for the developer and IT executive. The introductory prices of Paas was low enough for them to get interested and it proved to be a great way to make use of technology.

The business enterprises were not so lucky though. The absence of any kind of centralized control proved to be a hindrance for them. The integration points were not to clear either and the early Paas users did not have too many non-IT enterprises jumping in to use the cloud based technology.

Why Was The Early Paas Rejected By Large Business Enterprises?

There are quite a few reasons for this

  • The initial prices were low and helped many startup companies to develop applications successfully. However, scaling up was not a part of the platform then and the cost of operating the software went up when it was run by using the traditional infrastructure available. Big businesses simply used the platform for development and testing and then moved on.

  • The initial platforms were mostly public and were provided to multiple customers at the same time. This resulted in security problems and the companies wanted the flexibility of being able to move between both public and private platforms as required.

How Did PaaS Adapt To Suit The Business Enterprises?

  • The latest cloud platforms are designed for providing large scale deployments for big businesses. It has become cost effective for the multinational corporations to use the cloud computing technology based platforms now for storage, computing and testing.

  • The modern day cloud platform also provides greater control, infrastructure and storage facilities and have the capability of scaling up or down as per an individual client’s business needs. The best part of using the platform is that the user does not have to manage multiple providers anymore. A single provider takes care of multiple functions.
  • It also can place physical servers within the data center of the client and manage it remotely.

  • The enterprise’s hardware can be utilized for running the virtual machines as well.

  • Speed, perfection, and security are provided at the same time, thereby allowing the day to day business to function smoothly.

Using cloud computing via Paas has thus made life easier for all business entrepreneurs as well as giant conglomerates.

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