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Established Anti Aging enterprise announces

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1888 Press Release - Established business already supplying serious anti aging products backed by extensive scientific research now ready to expand global footprint. Company is receiving serious interest from buyers interested in taking 75% share from existing owner.

As a result of recent initiatives 21st Century Alternatives are considering offers from the corporate arena for a sale of 75% holding in their product rights and websites to enable a new owner with essential marketing and development acumen to consolodate recent exponential growth of test marketing already established.

They have consolidated their position as the first and original British manufacturer and dealer distributor of HTA98 (tm) a 98% purity cycloastragenol based herbal telomerase activator which they introduced in 2010. The product is now being sold to wellness researchers, wellnes centres. doctors and resellers worldwide.

They have now announced the following:-

1. A new HTA98(tm) formula which contains only natural ingredients sourced from a reputable USA corporation. No inert or microcrystalline fillers are used and the only ingredients are cycloastragenol 98% purity with some chitosan to aid bioavalabilty. The remainder of the 500mg capsule used comprises of natural astrgalus root powder.

2. They claim to offer the lowest priced genuine cycloastragenol product in the world at both trade and retail price.

3. They warn against suppliers who have recently "jumped on the bandwagon" since the properties of this product have become more widely known who, at best, use cheap fillers and at worst are using doubtful Chinese powders with often fraudulent certificates.

4. They have now announced further new high quality anti aging products based on years of scientific research by scientists including the research into U-Fucoidan, adult stemcells and other cutting edge products.

5. The introduction of AjnaSpray (tm) a serious new transdermal telomerase activator and anti aging product based on the 35 years of Russian scientists research into Epitalon and pineal activation.

They are now gaining new retail and trade clients all the time and are ready to expand into an expanded footprint of global business with the right development and management.

They are already receiving offers as explained at

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